My brain! It is WORKING!

Some of it is the Abilify they started me on first day in the hospital. It’s aptly named because I didn’t know I was getting it but immediately started feeling more able. But some seems to be down to the antibiotics they gave me–no longer having the detritus of a very long term, low grade infection clogging my bloodstream would help, I suppose.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate for a moment.

You didn’t know you were getting it?

How’s that happen?

My son was on Abilify for a long time. Good stuff but crazy expensive if you don’t have the insurance. Plus it works as a Harry Potter spell. Feel best.

They might’ve told me, but i’ve been like a zombie for months.

Crazy expensive is true. A medicaid shrink gave me a week of samples. I said, “That’s great! how do I get more?”

“It is $1000 per month, but medicaid won’t cover it because it’s too expensive.”

“Doc, I’m unemployed and on medicaid. You, sir, are working for medicaid but seem unclear what all that means, but one thing is that I DON’T HAVE $1000 PER MONTH!”


Good for you! Brain fog is absolutely terrifying.

Are you one of those lucky people who doesn’t get Abilify’s side effects?

So, I googled Abilify and found a $5 discount card from them. Woo-effin-hoo. $5 against $1000 per month.

It is ALIVE!!

You sound better DZ, you got some optimism there. Recovery sucks when it starts, then looks better as the end comes into focus.

Let’s see:

Ah, nice to see someone else is working in my Grand Unified Theory of Mental Illness.

Or a typical Tuesday.

The generic is legal in Canada so Northwest Pharmacy has it for lots less.

I’ve had people treat me with derision because I wholeheartedly believe in Universal Health Care.


Contact the manufacturer and see if they offer “scholarships.” (or whatever the Hell they call it)

Thank goodness. I like all my heroes to have working brains.:slight_smile:

I just came back to say “Try a Canadian mail order pharmacy” because that’s what we had to do for a while until we got the health insurance. But I see you’re all over it. Still, I get a post count.

Try I just looked and the prices in my area are much, much, much lower than a thousand a month.

Glad you’re feeling better!

Good on yer DZ,
May the Mistress Luck smile upon you in your quest for meds.

What luck? I’ve used NW Pharmacy for years. Visa and MC are making it difficult, but not impossible.

It’s not $5 off. It’s discounted to $5 per month.

(So, why don’t they just lower the price? UUURRRGGHHHHH. That said, when I worked at the grocery store pharmacy, getting un(der)insured patients set up with things like that was one of the most rewarding things about the job.)

I’m glad you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:

FDA has approved generics of Abilify (aripiprazole). Since 2015, so says JAMA. The Florida based mail order pharmacy I use sells generic aripiprazole for 25 to 37 cents per pill, depending on dose.

Sounds like it might be worth checking if generics would work for you.

thanks! And my daughter, “a licensed pharmacy staff member,” can order it for me!

FTR, $0.30/pill beats the hell out of $30.00/pill. I feel better, but not thirty bucks better.