My Brand new HDTV is "Chirping" Need Help!

My 3 week old 52" HDTV has been invaded by a rather irksome creature. A cricket has decided to make it it’s home and is chirping away from inside where I cant get at it. The longer I keep the TV on the faster the frikken thing chirps. I’ve sprayed the sides and underneath but it seems well fortified and keeps on chirping loud enuf to be heard over the TVs sound.

I dont want to spray indescriminately inside because I might ruin something or short something out plus I dont know if it would do any good if I dont spray anywhere near it.

I dont want to open the set and break something or void the warranty, but if a giant silohuette of a creepy insect comes on the screen, members of my family might get heart attacks, including me.

Is this insect from hell harmful to the TV? I’ve heard of roaches eating insulation and stuff (dont know if that was true or not) but I have no idea what crickets eat.

How do I rid my HDTV of this thing?

This is probably some sick revenge for all its cousins I killed from underneath the refrigeratord.

If it’s only 3 weeks old, surely it’s under warranty. Just call the store you bought it from and get a technician out. Just act dumb and say that there’s a strange noise coming out of the TV.

As any warranty goes, parts are paid for, labor more often than not isnt especially when labor goes to your house. I dont want to pay a 50 dollar minimum fee to get a pesky critter out (BUT I will look into it tho just to be sure)
…kinda embaraskink tho :frowning:

Set a praying mantis in after it. Then set a lizard in after the mantis. Then a weasel after the lizard, then a wolf, alligator, shark, orca…, then you are on your own.

Is it a cricket? You know they chirp in perfect response to the temperature. I forgot the exact formula, but you count the chirps & then you use the formula & know exactly what the temperature is in your tv.

Do I really need to know my TV’s internal temperature? Couldnt this thing have crawled into my computer instead where that trait might have been halfway useful?

Thinking real hard about the preying mantis idea, but how do I persuade it to crawl into the TV if it decides it doesnt want in? uhh how big does it have to be to get a 1/2 size cricket?

Lizard and higher up the evolutionary ladder is out. Cant let a reptile into my house. Mother-daughter rule.

BTW, its been 2 days and that sucker hasnt come out. whats it doing in there?!

For your sake, I hope it’s not ordering pay-per-view.

can’t you call for a TV problem telling them there seems to be a bug of some kind in it?

I suspect if you wait a few more days, the problem will take care of itself.

Does it chirp when the set is turned off?

"Chirping, one of the hallmarks of crickets, is done only by the males as a way to attract the females of their own species. Chirping is produced by rubbing the wings together.

There is no single, perfect solution for the control of crickets that are invading the house. Often some combination of the following suggestions will work. Ultimately, cricket problems end in the fall when the adults are killed by heavy frost or freeze. "

Crickets! How can I get rid of them?