My Calc professor is really, really HOT!

She looks just like Courtney Cox. No older than 28, really dark hair (almost black), light green eyes, and a killer body.

I fear I will have a hard time concentrating in that class.

Maybe she’ll keep me after class for some, um, extra credit. And maybe monkeys will come flying out of my butt.

Oh well. A man can dream, can’t he?

Ba Ba Bum Chica Chica Pow

See if you can get her to wear the Princess Leah outfit. No, that’s the other one. . .

You mean the infamous Gold Bikini?


My, how the world has changed.

When I was an undergrad, there were almost no women in mathematics, and the few that were there wouldn’t have set anyone’s libido a-dancing.

In some ways, the world definitely has improved in the past three decades.

Unfortunately I never had a professor quite that hot.

My chemistry teacher in high school was quite attractive, though–maybe about 5’2", a redhead, slight build.

I always suspected that she kinda liked me.

One day she asked to borrow a calculator to do some calculation. I handed her mine, and she did the calculation. Then she started explaining whatever.

I don’t remember what she was talking about because she started playing with my calculator, sliding it in and out of its case and rubbing her thumb over the front. She was giving a handjob to my calculator, and it looked pretty damn good.

Damn shame she was married and I was a minor.

My calc professor was a seventy year old Czechoslovakian man. I liked him but in a platonic way.

My advisor on the other hand - she was the object of many a schoolboy fantasy.

Have her show you the area under her curve.

Tell her she can intergrate your function anytime.

(Lawyer’s pathetic attempt at math humor.)

Tell her you want her to have your derivatives.

Unfortunately all the calc professors I had in college were men, and for many of them it was apparent that they slept in their offices (same clothes every day, each day getting more and more wrinkled, and smelly). Ech.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever had a single attractive female professor/instructor.

BTW, we have a few very good looking prof’s where I work - I’m an instructor at a small liberal arts college - and let me just be the first to say this: They know it.

I have a wedding band on, and did when I started working here, but that did not stop young sophomore or Junior women from asking me out. I always thought that was quite gutsy to ask your prof out. But then again I’m not your ordinary prof. I usually dress quite casual and have been mistaken for a student on a few occasions. I’m 33, I guess I looked like on of our returning students…

Now I’ve got this vision in my head of what her cries of passion might be like.

“Negative B plus or…ooh…plus or minus the…oh my…square root of…oh God…B squared minus…ahh! Yes! YES!!!”

Okay, I’m really perverted. I admit it.

My Fortran prof. smokin’ hot and I know she liked me. I was just too stupid and shy to do anything about it. Damn!

I had an enormous crush on the fellow that taught the French class immediately before my Italian class one year. I would show up early so I could see him.

I later met him and became friends when he came to volunteer for the NDP :slight_smile:

i had a real hot chemistry teacher, and she was just the best teacher too. it never went any further than me thinking ‘she’s hot’, but well, she was…

then last christmas, she died giving birth. she was a great friend amongst other things. we kept in touch a bit after i left for uni, but… well, i wish we’d kept in touch more…

Ahhh, first year maths. She was pretty. All the TAs had a crush on her too…:sigh:

Why is it that maths gets all the hotties and engineering women are scary beer swilling hippies?

I’ve only ever had one crush on a professor; that was about two or three years ago. She taught the 8:00 a.m. Elements of Calculus course (basically calculus for business majors). I have a strong dislike for math, but she compelled me with her wit, charm, and beauty to have perfect attendance in that class. She was a brunette with these great brown eyes and a wonderful smile. Her body was lean and muscular but still quite curvy in a way that reminded my of a tennis player’s body. She always wore a casual shirt or t-shirt with shorts or jeans. Great legs that woman had.

Unfortunately, I probably only spoke to her about three times that semester. Just “here you go” and “you’re welcome” upon handing my exams.

Don’t know if this counts, but when I was in BMT, one of my training instructors was this hot Senior Airman with a great smile and cute butt (you know how BDU’s make all women look like guys? Didn’t happen with her.) I remember one day when she was on leave, about half way through, we were standing outside the squadron CQ when this chic walks past us. Every man in my flight followed her with their eyes…until she snapped back and started screaming and dropped us for pushups. It was our TI. Not a one of us recognized her without the bush hat.

Kinda funny, though, about two years later, she was still at Lackland and I got stationed there as a SP. We ended up dating for a few months until I got shipped again. As far as professors go, though, well, I’ve never had one worth giving two looks at yet.

What’s so scary about us beer-swilling hippies?

When I was in high school there was a cute substitute teacher that had a lot of work there. Her name was Ms. Finger. You can imagine the discussions that went on about her…