My Callered ID named a caller "Fraudulent Offer"

Anyone ever got a caller ID name like this?

Actually, “Fraudulent Offe” was the display under the number, I’m assuming the ‘r’ is missing because the name overran the character limit on the display.

Is it possible a phone company would apply this name to a number that was involved in some kind of communications fraud? Without actually disconnecting the number?

I didn’t answer the call, so I can’t speak to what kind of call it would have been. I still have the number though. It’s a 703 area code, which I think is Virginia, and a 545 exchange. Anyone have a clue where that is?

I don’t think I want to call the number back, or publish it in its entirety here.

Did you try googling the number, with and without hyphens?

I can’t get anywhere without the last four digits, but I can tell you that if the last four were 6700 it would be from the dept of defense.

How odd.

Our caller ID display once said “Superman”. It was not Superman.

Weird. 703-545 (assuming the number has not been ported) is a Verizon switch In “Washington Zone 8”, in Virginia. It’s a 5E switch, with the switch name “Pentagon” :open_mouth:

(This is all public record, > Search by NPA-NXX aka area code/exchange).

My sister’s last name (married) was Docter, and her first initial is J. My friends were greatly amused in the early days of caller ID when I received a call at their home from Docter, J.

-pantheon, telecom geek

Relevant link, for a number with the same area code and a very similar exchange:

There are websites which show people how to spoof caller-id. Perhaps one of your friends has an “interesting” sense of humor?

So I came back to say I had mistyped the exchange – which was actually 547.

And then, by gum, your link has the ACTUAL NUMBER! Since it is apparently widely discussed, I will re-print it here. 703-547-6545.

And a comment posted in Sept 2007 on that page says:

Very strange, from the comments it seems to have been used to make many claims, and in at least one case someone called the number back and heard a message saying the number is being used for fraud, and please don’t provide any personal information.

Possibly this number is a key to the universal battle between Good and Evil, like a hill that is repeatedly overrun by opposing forces. :rolleyes:

How bizzare.

Fascinating. I’ve had “Slimeballs” calling me on my cell for a while, but that’s only because I created a phonebook entry for the number—some rogue collection agency that refuses to accept I’m not the deadbeat/sucker they’re desperately looking for. Unable to stop their relentless harrassment, I at least get a laugh now whenever I see SLIMEBALLS light up my phone’s caller ID.

But a would-be scammer afflicted with total honesty? Unprecedented, and yet somehow classically tragic. Could Rod Serling be involved somehow?

I’ve not done it myself, but I know with certain phone companies here you can change your displayed name to whatever you want. My ex was House of the Lords.

Neat site! That site gives you more information than the NPA-NXX database I had access to when I worked for the phone company as an operator. :slight_smile:

I suspect that someone up to no good has been spoofing that number and the real owner of the number found out.

Was his name Clark Kent, by any chance?