My car door window

My 97 Accords driver window won’t go up or down. The motor sounds okay but the window only moves about an inch up or down. It didn’t come off any tracks since I can move it by force and it stays inline. I took the door panel off but the inner workings of the door are hard to access. Looking in from the top I can see the motor attached to two cable lines. It looks like one of the lines has come off it’s guides. Will this be an expensive repair? Should I only take it to a Honda dealer? Is there any way I can fix it myself?
Again, the motor seems fine.

The cables are part of the window regulator, and the fix is to replace the regulator assembly. Any competent shop can handle it.

If you’re fairly mechanically inclined, you could do it yourself. Two aspects of it can be tricky–getting the regulator assembly in and out of the door, and getting everything lined up properly for installation. Observe carefully how things are attached before and during disassembly.

If the regulator is sold without the motor, I would guess that a new one would be in the 75-125 range. If it comes with the motor as part of it, it might be in the 150-250 range. You can often get a used one for a fair amount less, but of course it won’t have the longevity of a new one. If you plan to keep the car for more than a year, a new one is probably a better value.


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