My car's spitting at me - help!

Ok, here’s the thing.

Miserable day in Bath, rain hammering down when I went to work this morning. Windscreen started misting up. So I turn the fan on, as you do. A nasty, eggy/cheesy smell envelopes the car - not so bad that I gag, but enough to make me think that breathing isn’t always a good option. Mist increases. So I turn the fan up - to Point 4 - the top, thinking that there must be an obstruction. Then it happens. A noxious green liquid starts spitting out of the fan up against the windscreen and fountains down onto the steering wheel. I turn fan off and squint the next three miles to work, holding my breath (ok slight exaggeration but you get my point).

So dopers - what’s happening to my car. I’m thinking it’s probably not good so don’t spare me! By the way, it’s a Renault Laguna 2.0RT. :frowning: :confused:

The green stuff is coolant. Your heater core is shot. Time to get a new one. They can be a bit of a pain to install too, so you may not want to do it yourself.

Sounds like your heater core or the heater core lines blew out on you and the fan is sucking up the antifreeze. I’ve heard of Renaults doing this, as well as Audis. I recall hearing about accidents being caused by this so you are rather lucky.

Dang, I was hoping for ectoplasm. You guys are too quick.

you can bypass the heater core at the firewall (look for 2 hoses going into the interior, disconnect them then hook them up to each other, using a small tube to splice them if you need to) and continue driving until you get around to fixing it correctly. you wont have heat, but you will have moving air.

you will find that once it is fixed, everytime you turn on the fan, you will get a faint reminder of that awful smell! kinda leaves a “film” in your mouth, doesn’t it?

thanks guys. i think it’s going to be a trip to the garage for my little car. going home led to white smoke erupting volcanically from the fan…temperature guage hit the roof.

i bought coolant today and refilled the reservoir. will get it home then try to take it to the car doctor!

thanks again though, for the tips.