My cat has a fungus.

My four year old cat, Binky, was diagnosed on Friday with suspected Histoplasmosis. The vet is still running tests on his blood and urine, but she and her collogues think its most likely Histoplasmosis.

Some History on Bink:

His mother was the offspring of a cat that “belonged” to a mentally ill man that used to live next door. Binky was born in 2013 and was a HUGE kitten who appeared to be “off” in various ways.

Several times we thought he was dead until one day we went out, picked him up, and took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection which antibiotics cleared up in no time.

We got him his shots, neutered him when he was old enough, and he is FLV negative. He has never set foot outside the house since we saved him.

So how the heck did he get a fungus in his lungs? Neither my other cat nor my three dogs have had any fungus issues and one dog has been in this house for nearly eight years.

He is on one antibiotic and she is going to put him on a safer one later this week when his labs come back.

it sounds like they missed something at the vets at some point … I know for himans some internal funguses are undetectable until they explode in growth …and if its even rarer they might never find it

That’s one of the things she thought about, also that something might be wrong with his immune system.

I meant “antifungal”, not antibiotic.