My cat is a complete dumbass about his ass

Inigo is my lovely little (well, big) kitty. He’s almost 12 years old now, so he’s getting a bit eccentric in his advancing age, but he remains a great cat. Except when it comes to litterboxes.

Now, he’s not one of the really neurotic types that pisses all over the carpet, sinks, or other random areas when he’s upset. He always uses a litterbox…well, or at least he tries to. Lately he’s been hanging his ass over the edge of the box so he leaves a nice, steaming, stinky pile on the laundry room floor. Gross. So, I took the advice of the Dopers in a General Questions thread and bought a box that is basically a deep Rubbermaid-like container with a circular hole cut in the lid. It keeps kitty from hanging his butt over the edge, and supposedly helps with tracking litter as well. Awesome.

Well, Inigo is a dumbass.

We noticed piles of poop on the lid every now and then, and figured it was because Inigo was hesitant to go into the box but rather was sitting and pooping on the lid. But see, that would make sense. Nope.

Tonight, hubby came in to the room with an incredulous look saying, “Ruffian, your cat is a fucktard. He has his head and front paws down IN the litter box, and his hind feet and ass still on the lid WHILE HE’S POOPING.”


I’m still laughing at him.

This requires a picture

We thought of that, but only after a long fit of laughter. Sadly, the photo opportunity had passed by then–yet, I’m sure it will return.