My cat is going to be famous!

Yesterday my cat had to see her vet, and the vet ended up making a video of how to pill a cat. And our cat Missy is the star! If I hadn’t seen how “tame” Missy was in the video, I’d never have believed it.

She’s 17 years old–18 in August–but she’s still our sweet little baby girl (unless you’re trying to get a pill down her throat! lol)

Welcome! You’re new, but there’s an unwritten rule around these parts that mandates pictures in these sort of threads. (Threads? Topics? Whatever.) Especially kitties on the cusp of worldwide celebrity! Let’s see this creature. :grinning:

Can I have her autograph?

Yay Missy! And please post that video when it’s ready; our cat is stubbornly unpillable.

My husband spent 25 minutres trying to post a still picture hear. Nothing worked.

If your REALLY want to see my Missy, go to Eastside Veterinariam Service (Kirkland, WA) and search for the llink to "how to pill a cat) or words to that effect.

Sorry I couldn’t get the darn thing to work. I guess this means I can’t be part of this group; sorry!

Is this it?

They left out a few things. One is, get a really compliant cat. Most of the cats I’ve tried to pill a) would have backed up off the lap and wound up on the floor and out of the room and/or b) would have used those teeth on those fingers and/or c) would have brought claws out of those flailing paws and done a bit more than flail with them.

Hey, Missy is a star and looks the part! And that’s exactly how I give a cat a pill. :slight_smile: (Dogs are easy… just hide it in a wad of spray cheese.)

Thanks for the link, thorny_locust.

Make sure you get Missy’s paw print so you can say, “I knew her when…”

Truly, very cool!

Oh, and I think TPTB disabled photos for now, so you did nothing wrong. I believe if you have a third party service where you can upload photos such as Imagur, a link will still work. But not a direct upload from your computer.

She is beautiful! We’re you the pill giver or did the vet do it? It always looks so easy when they do it.

Pilling a non-compliant cat, for one human working without assistance:

  1. Locate pill, a good pair of tweezers, a large towel or something similar, and an eyedropper or medication squirter full of clean water.
  2. Locate cat.
  3. Catch cat.
  4. Put cat on floor in easy reach of the pilling materials, with the cat in front of you and facing away from you.
  5. Kneel down with one knee on either side of cat, holding cat so it can’t back away (because you’re behind it) or dodge sideways (because of your knees and arm holding it.)
  6. Wrap towel around front paws, to diminish chances of getting clawed.
  7. With one hand, pick up pill with tweezers.
  8. Tip cat’s head back toward you with the other hand, rather as in the video.
  9. Put pill far back in cat’s mouth, putting tweezers inbetween the frantically gnashing jaws instead of putting your fingers in there.
  10. Hold mouth shut with one hand while you grab water squirter with the other.
  11. Insert water squirter into cat’s mouth and squirt a little water in. Cat will swallow.
  12. Let go.
  13. Check area for pill in case cat spat it out after all.
  14. Bandage any wounds.
  15. Find the pill, three days later, under the bed.

– I have found that some difficult-to-pill cats become easier to pill over time, if they need the medications long-term. They may temporarily get harder first; hang in there.

Probably too late to edit, [hey, it wasn’t!] but despite the above: try sneaking up on a sleepy cat; sometimes you can get the pill in before they’ve woken up enough to realize what’s happening. Make sure cat does wake up enough to swallow, though.

Congratulations to your kitty!

I’ve always liked this funny version of how to give a cat a pill:

No, that’s not my Missy and I’m puzzled as to where the video went. I’ll see if I can figure it out.


Is it the right vet.?

Whoa, don’t go! Maybe we could suspend the kitty pictures rule for an indefinite period while we all figure out the new board.

How about this? They claim 91% of cats will eat it.

(You only need one or two 10g bars, each looks like enough for a couple of weeks of pills). It’s some kind of soft putty-like treat you can coat the pill with.