My cat is having a playdate!

And it’s not going well. Since my daughter took her cat Chloe to her new apartment two months ago, our kitten Tweak has been very needy and whiny. So I suggested that we bring over my daughter’s new kitten, Alice, for a playdate. Just to give Tweak something new to think about, and someone to chase for a few hours. Now I have no illusions about cat relationships. I didn’t expect them to become best buds. But the level of hostility is amazing! I think Tweak is going to have a lot to think about for a few days! We should have brought Chloe back over, but she’s old, and slow, and really heavy to carry. Tweak needed someone young and spritely to chase, not watch an old cat sleep! I know cats need several days to get used to each other. I just thought it would work out better.

So, get Tweak a kitten, about a month or two younger. Watch Tweak hiss at the new kitten and run away. Watch Tweak keep the new kitten under surveillance from atop dressers, chair-backs, tables, desks and whatever other furniture happens to be handy.

Watch Tweak become bestest buddies with the new kitten, and come and meow at you pathetically whenever the new kitten manages to get outside, demanding that you go find said new kitten. Watch Tweak cry and mope when you take the new kitty to the vet when it is old enough to have those special parts removed.

Yep, Tweak needs a pet.