My cat won't drink my blood (TMI)

Please excuse the grossness, but I’m interested if anyone has any theories.

Earlier today I cut my thumb while stripping a wire, and bled quite a lot. It occurred to me that Cookie Monster, who is constantly ravenous and absolutely loves meat products of all kinds, might like to try some of that tasty red stuff, so I held a blood-covered finger up to her, and she turned her nose up at it.

So then I peeled off a scab from a scratch she gave me a few days ago. You know how much cats love to eat body exudate - when Cookie was spayed she ate her own scabs, and she loves to eat her own eye boogers when I clean her eyes. She refused that as well.

I’ve read that cats, should their human owners die on the premises and not be discovered, will start eating the body within 24 hours (while dogs will wait about three days).

I’m wondering if there’s some “pride” mechanism at work here - a behavioural component that creates a taboo in consuming parts of the pride members, alpha or otherwise. Anyone have any idea?

It means that when you die, you won’t have to worry about Cookie consuming your corpse. Yes, cats have been known to do just that.

Indeed - just as I mentioned in the fourth paragraph of my OP. :wink:

Is your cat a Jehovah’s Witness? :wink:

I put my latest copy of The Watchtower in her litter tray. Does that count?

She looks like she’s full of personality in that photo. Great name too!


You know, you may not be known as “the guy who had half of Doperdom sticking their rings up their noses” for much longer!

Seriously - EW!

Sweet kitty. If I died, she could eat all of me she liked.