My cat's acting weird, suggestions?

Yeah, you don’t tummy rub a cat who doesn’t tolerate it. Unless you like them trying to disembowel your arm.

Roadfood, I did the same thing with my cat who hates being picked up. There’s only one alpha female in this house, and it ain’t her.

Cats have this funny thing called redirected aggression. If something spooks them or makes them angry they will turn around and take that out on someone or something else. For example, a cat outside is making him upset but he can’t get to that cat to take out his aggression so he takes it out on you. Or maybe he was happily playing the other day and something fell on him and spooked him, he has no idea what to do about that but he’s still a bit upset so he takes it out on you. If something like that happened you just have to be patient with him and try not to make any sudden moves that might spook him.

Our cats totally do that. When we kick Jim’s cat out of the bedroom at night, she marches over and hangs a licking on my cat, who’s usually just sitting there, minding her own business.