My church must be doing something right because.....

Baker I noticed you made no mention of them calling you a “church whore” this time. So, my question to you is why not? What are you doing wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Was it someone on this board who made the comment that is now on my FB page as my philosophy?

“I’ve decided to live my life in such a way that the Westboro Baptist Church pickets my funeral.”

Baker, your church has indeed begun the regaining of its honor. Work a little harder, and Phelps’ A-team will HAVE to show up!

I’m re-stealing this.

It occurs to me that WBC stands for the descriptive phrase, “We’re Batshit Crazy.”

The correct form of the word is “Thou.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt it’ll make a difference at all to WBC (wondering if they’d even take the coffee) but, yeah, the Man Upstairs would love that.

I would totally have done that (if the WBC ever comes here, I think I will do that. And, yes, I have no idea what time of the year they will come, but I know that whatever time of the year ti is, it’ll be cold enough to need some coffee. :slight_smile: )

Hey,** swampbear**, glad you saw this thread! Too bad your St. Patrick’s isn’t in Topeka, we could tag team offering them stuff. And yeah, they didn’t call me “church whore” this time because I drove directly into our parking lot and entered by a door too far away for them to recognize me.

And to those offereing to fund the coffee, I don’t want to waste your money as the WBC probably wouldn’t take it. I have a video clip, from a Kansas City station back in the mid-nineties, where folks from the church the WBC was picketing came out and offered them doughnuts. One Phelps person, a middle aged man, asked, in a sneering voice “Are those the ones with the AIDS virus?” The reply? A bemused “I don’t think so.”

Kolga, I too am going to steal your phrase!

SeaDragonTatoo, yes, they do have Sunday services of their own, about 11:00 or 11:30 AM. They start after they have done their picketing at other churches. Usually they have shown up at my church, Grace(it’s the cathdral for the Kansas diocese) at our 10:30 service, but this time they were picketing our 8:30 AM service.

Some folks have tried to attend their services, but have been turned away. Those who have visited, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve heard of such an attempt, say the service consists of a lot of hymn singing plus a long sermon by Fred Sr. Don’t know if it’s any different now. And one female visitor said when she was there women were required to have their heads covered.

So, you’re saying they would turn down coffee and doughnuts but jump right on some corned beef and cabbage and green beer? :smiley:

Why, yes, I am all in the middle of planning a St. Patrick’s celebration. What gave me away?

Y’all feel free. I stole it from somebody, I thought it was on this site, but I can’t remember. I’m thinking about getting a t-shirt made.

Correct response: “Only the ones with the ‘creme’ filling. The others have jam in them. Gay jam. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Um…kruller?”

You should find Louis Theroux “Most Hated Family in America” documentary. He spent quite a bit of time with them about 2 years ago. He had full access to the family and the church.

In the documentary, he attends their Sunday worship service. Basically, it’s a small church. They have a service that starts with a few hymns. After that, Fred comes out and speaks. I don’t remember if they showed his message or not.

Honestly, Theroux speculates that Fred Phelps may be…somewhat insane. He wasn’t always like this, I don’t think. He now seems to have some sort of “hate addiction” and he channels that through his religious beliefs. Even more interesting in Theroux’s documentary are the “non-Phelps” people in the church. Where they came from(one is a documentary film maker that came and joined). Why they are there.

He even spends time with one of the granddaughters, who you can tell is not that bad. She says all the bad things she has been raised to say, but you can tell she doesn’t really hate the world. She even kind of likes some of the boys at her college classes.

It’s really sad to see what that family has done to their own kids, too. :frowning:

The WBC was back again today. Not sure about last week, but I went to the later, 10:30 service on the 13th.

This morning I was running late and drove fast into the parking lot, noticing as I did so that there was a WBC contingent across 8th street. A few more than two weeks ago, but not by much. Didn’t have time to watch, but as I got out of the car I could hear a thin thread of their singing. As I hurried to the side door(it was time for service to start) someone leaned out of the house they were on the sidewalk in front of and started screaming profanity at them, telling them to "Get off my street and off my lawn!’ They left hurriedly, but I don’t think it was because of that, but because it was time for their next stop.

Along 8th St. they have a veritable smorgasbord of churches, Catholic, two kinds of Lutherans, we Episcopalians, and so on. By careful planning they could hit at least seven congregations in about a two hour time period.

It’s on my bucketlist to get my picture taken with them someday. I’m still working on what my joke sign will be. Baker, you have my deepest admiration for living in such close proximity without breaking at least one sign over a phelp-head.

The really crazy bit is that papa Phelps used to be a big civil rights attorney. However, listening to an interview* with his son, Nathan Phelps, it’s no longer so surprising. He says his dad was still prejudiced then, but he saw all the civil rights legislation of the '60s and so on as being a great opportunity to make money by suing people.

  • Irreligiosophy podcast, episode #80, “Nathan Phelps.” Note for potential new listeners: the podcast series overall is so very NSFW for language, and is extremely atheist in its message.

What, they’re not in Japan right now? I figured that whole country would be ripe for protest. Cowards…

I would have replied “No, these are jelly-filled. But if you really want, we could try to get some AIDS donuts for you next week.”.

Oh, they always keep up with current events. Each time a new President is elected he gets a sign, showing his face with big, curling ram’s horns growing out of his forehead. Others get that too, I remember when Princess Diana died she got them too.

I doubt they can get to Japan just now. They have made statements they will picket internationally, but it never happens. Nobody else would put up with them.

Me neither. Must help when people try to lump all Christians together. ‘No, you see, we’re so different they actually *protest *our existence.’

Topeka has an ordinance, enacted after the Phelps started picketing, to keep them a certain distance from a church’s property a from a half hour before, to a half hour after, posted times of services.

But the ordinance is weak, only fifty feet, which means they can pretty much just stand across the street whenever they feel like it. And if a congregation wants even that little protection, a service time must be posted with both beginning AND ending times.

As I mentioned upthread the first congregation in particular they picketed was St. David’s Episcopal. I’m now a member of Grace Cathedral, but back then, in the early to mid-nineties, I was Lutheran. St. David’s folks had come to a rally I helped with, and that made them targets, and also gave me a good opinion of the denomination. At one point, when the Phelps would be out in force right by the sidewalk at their entrances, the parishioners made their own signs that said things like “God is Love”, “Topekans Against Hate” and so on. The bishop, William Smalley, even came and stood with us one time.

There would be one of the Phelp’s, one of us(non-members who could also help out), one of the Phelp’s, one of us. Fred would pace up and down the sidewalk, and let me tell you, the man has filthy speech habits, and so did a couple of grandson’s and a son-in-law. I took lots of pictures, whereas now I suppose people would film with cell phones.

Finally the congregation got an injunction against the WBC, keeping them away until the city council limped it’s way to their own feeble law.

Then they moved on to other congregations as well, but it’s noticeable that all of us are on streets that are fairly busy for Sunday mornings, and not tucked away from main drags. There’s an MCC church in Topeka, but it’s pretty inconspicuous and I don’t know if the WBC has ever gone there. I heard second hand that they tried to picket Our Lady of Guadalupe, but got run off. Not sure if it’s true or not.

Keep it simple. I suggest “Matthew 7:16”. Pithy, profound and punny, all at the same time.

They don’t go to other countries because they’ll be arrested post-haste, and the US won’t bother to try to extradite them. :smiley: I remember reading about how they were going to go protest in the UK, and Immigration basically told them “If you show up in our country prepare to be clapped into irons”