My computer is

My home destop suddenly is overcome by random pop ups and it cuts off and back on by itself.

Coincidentally, this occured after an irresponsible roomate used it.

I am SO tired of formatting my hard drive, any recs on software to install?

Virus repair or pop up blockers?


get and use the following:

  1. good virus scanner (ie. mcafee, norton)
  2. good spyware cleaner (ie. spybot, ms anti-spyware, or a good combination)
  3. popup blocker or browser with this built in (ie. firefox, new IE, etc)

Thanks** fubbleskag**.

I am researching brands now…and I am going to divide the cost among my roomates!

Also read this

My combo is something like:

McAfee Antivirus/Norton AV ($40/yr)
Spybot Search & Destroy (free)
CW Shredder (free)
AdAware (free)
Microsoft Anti-Spyware (free)
Google toolbar blcker (free)

I also have a copy of a software firewall - that blocks programs attempting to access the internet (I use Integrity firewall).

My router has a hardware firewall also.


Thanks for the link and all advice.

I am taking notes.

I like Zog_10’s list.
What we were recommended for our store computers (all networked and on DSL) by my boss’ sister who works on computers for the gov.:
Zone Alarm
AVG Antivirus

I got them all off and haven’t really had any problems since.

The only thing is Zone Alarm will toss up quite a few prompts when something is trying to connect either way. It’s only a pain until you set them all for ‘allow’ or ‘deny’ and check the box for it to remember that setting. I don’t think it’s that big a deal but my husband has very little patience. :rolleyes:

Well, when I get home this evening I am going to try to spend some time downloading some these suggested programs.

I really appreciate each of your recommendations!

If “cuts off and back on by itself” you mean it loses power for a moment then comes back on spontaneously, that’s a hardware problem. Your CPU may be overheating, or your power supply may be going bad. You might want to call your computer manufacturer’s support line.

If you go to you cal select their “housecall” product and do a free online virus scan as well. Also, tell your roomate to stop downloading MP3s and porn.

Available Jones, I think it is actually just rebooting Windows, not cutting off…sorry I mispoke…er…typed. I am not very itelligent when it comes to computers.
And Binarydrone, my thoughts exactly :dubious:

It sounds like you’ve got some malware.

The site to be at (if you can get your browser working for long enough is CastleCops (,

The link in my above post doesn’t work. Get rid of the bracket and the full stop then it will.

Just to add to the software advice offered so far.

My computer is set up with the following:





Spyware/Trojan/Malware Protection:

Microsoft AntiSpyware
Spybot Search and Destroy



Also, in Windows XP, i do all my everyday tasks in a Limited user account. Limited accounts, unlike Administrator accounts, do not allow the installation of software, making it less likely that something can install itself on your computer without your knowledge.

Well, when you mean it’s sick, do you mean that it’s constantly sniffling, sneezing and a grayish-green viscous compound keeps dripping from the optical.floppy drive?

if so, cook up a nice hot can of chicken soup, and pour it liberally over the computer, making sure to get it in the vents and disk drives (the sparks mean it’s working…) :wink:

(kidding, liquids and computers are not a good combo)

Last night I downloaded a new one (to me, anyways) also off of Spyware Doctor
I installed it on one of our work computers we call the ‘dirty machine’ for a good reason. :wink:
On that machine I ran all the above programs I listed. AdAware seemed to keep running in to something that caused the computer to stop responding.
A little something called SAHAgent brought to you by the lovely a-holes at :mad:
Anywho, after running all above programs I ran Spyware Doctor. At last count (as I had to leave work for the night) it had found about 79 infected items and was still running strong so it might be one to consider.
If it turns out when I get to work that I have a new paperweight, I’ll let you know. :wink:

Okay, scratch last post unless you’re willing to pay at least $9.95 for it. :smack:
It finds it for free, but removing viruses or doing ANYTHING requires a license. :rolleyes: