My cousin was arrested....

Just how stupid do YOU think this is?
ATHENS, Ohio – Free speech includes the right to "woof’’ at a barking police dog, a state appeals court has ruled.

The Ohio 4th District Court of Appeals issued the ruling Wednesday in upholding the dismissal of criminal charges against a man who unleashed a Fido impression in front of a canine cop in Athens.

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Quite. Stupid, that is.

Is there some sort of anti-civ attitude among cops that they just feel the need to bust on innocent people? What’s worse is that laws and bylaws can be written so vaguely, they’re open to the most extreme interpretation. Thankfully we have courts to judge on a case-by-case basis, but if a cop can be that unreasonable, perhaps a magistrate could be too. Clearly it would be a sensible law, and a rightful arrest, if he was throwing food at the dog or something - that’s an interference whether it was an untampered Twinkie or whether it was loaded with Rohypnol. But barking at a dog from over 10 metres away doesn’t really consitute anything wrong happening.

From what I know, a police dog is considered a police officer (at least to the other officers.) I can see where the guy’s barking was considered taunting and interfering with an officer on duty.

Do I think the guy should have been charged? Probably not. Do I think he was in the wrong? Abso-friggin-lutely. However, being guilty of a crime and being guilty of being a flaming moron aren’t always the same thing, and more’s the pity.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that. Taunting a dog by fax?

He probably was asked at first to stop then arrested. I know how the “Unrestrainedlate-night enthusiasm” works after a few cold ones.

That was supposed to read:

“Unrestrained late-night enthusiasm”

How does one obtain editing rights on this board?

I don’t know if he was asked to stop…but I do know that they slammed him down on the sidewalk face first. Seems a little harsh for a bark.

Yup, hes an idiot.

True the cops in this situation dont have a right to really arrest him, they can make his night ‘unpleasent’

Detain to obtain ID (dont have one, you get to have a night in jail till we know who you are :slight_smile: )
Ask to search his person and nearby area.

Also bring the dog over, since he wanted to communicate with it, let the dog communicate back… dont let the dog attack the guy, just scare him a bit.

And before anyone starts jumping up and down saying that its “brutality” keep in mind that I dont believe in violating his rights (nor did what I suggest, cross that line) but people should be made aware of their actions by vewing the re-action.

-x out

[Note to self]
Do not make telephone calls to police dogs.
Do not fax sketches of cats to police dogs.
Do not send emails to poilce dogs.
[/Note to self]

[sub]that bitch[/sub]

Those are some frighteningly well-trained dogs if they can read What I want to know is how they work the mouse?

Oh, and Pepsie? Woof! Woof, woof! grrrrr! Woof!

Slap the cuffs on me.

Riiiiiight. God forbid somebody is goofing off and actually reacts to an object or animal in his vicinity.

Those cops had it right: People should walk down a sidewalk with eyes foreward, making no sound, touching nothing and mind their own business.

Next time I’m walking on a city sidewalk and somebody dares to look at me and say, “Hello,” I’m calling these cops down on his ass for taunting me with his sickening platitudes of pleasantness.

And having fun? No way. Not in this country.

Sorry - I think you’re almost all missing the point. And probably underestimating the guy’s actions. Maybe I’m reading too much between the lines, but I’m envisioning a drunken loudmouth (“after a night of partying” and “unrestrained late-night enthusiasm”) who was walking down the street and saw a police dog in a police car - the article plainly says the human officers were “busy elsewhere” - and decided to get his kicks by barking back at the dog (a sure sign of mature, civilized behavior.)

I’ve seen plenty of threads here that complain about people teasing or mistreating animals. If a non-police dog were being teased and had bitten the offender, there’d be a lot of people saying the teaser got what he deserved. Because human cops got involved, now it’s a case of of some halfwit’s civil rights being trampled on.

Yeah, you betcha - those pigs are out to keep us down, man.

That’s the thing about civil rights. They don’t go to the proper people, old boy.

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He didn’t come close enough to the animal for it to bite him.

That hardly negates my argument. It may, in fact, reinforce it. He acted in such a manner that retaliation by the dog was not possible - he knew that, which means he was teasing and taunting it. In other words, harrassing the officer on duty.

Would you say it’s OK for people to shout out epithets at cops patrolling a beat? How is this different?

Why the hell would one mess with a police dog. Leave the animal alone. The guy should have been fined. Just because you’re young, dumb and full of beer on a Saturday night doesn’t give you the right to mess with a working animal.

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