My crappy, boring life...

Whenever I whine about how crappy and boring my life is, I think about the millions of people out there who have it worse than me. Then I think about that one poor schmuck who absolutely has it worse than anyone else. I mean, there has to be someone whose lot in life is the nadir of suckitude, right? Yeah, I just think about that hardluck bastard, about how freakin’ bad HE has it. Makes me feel all better. Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I think about the millions of people who have it BETTER than me. Those with money, looks, shiny fast cars and girlfriends. Then I’m back to square one. Dammit. :mad:

You can always trying becoming a bookie. It’s an exciting fast paced lifestyle that anyone would find desirable. Highly recommended.

I know the feeling. I just got from a fabulous vacation and have to keep telling myself “you have a job–you have an apartment–you have your health–you have friends.” And I *still *feel whiny and depressed.

When my mother would get that way I’d tell her, “just think of those poor earthquake victims in [wherever],” and she’d say, “well, how the hell does that make *my *life any better?”

Just watch this Tim Minchin video, then:

That’s true. At least my hair looks miles better than *his *does.

I know. It looks like some starlings nested there.

I just got back from fabulous vacation and after seeing some of the wonderful things the world has to offer my cubicle and life in general seems so tiny. Don’t know why go on vacay at all if depression is just gonna hit harder than before.

What you are describing can be more accurately described as ennui - A feeling of utter weariness and discontent or melancholia resulting from satiety or lack of interest.

Green Day’s song Longview describes this feeling pretty accurately.

Sure, other people have things a lot worse than you. Tsunami victims. People in war zones. So on and so forth. Doesn’t really matter though because you are the one who feels like they are litterally dying of boredom. The fact that we are living a relatively comfortible Western lifestyle is largely a contributor to that feeling. Especially if you are unemployed, have a super-boring job with little stimulation or otherwise have large amounts of time on your hands.

Time to trot out Desiderata again.

Pretty sure the current title holder would be Ronald Poppo.

Oh, Max Ehrmann can bite my ass.

I like this version better.

Son, what you need is a prostitute.

Say what you will–all of you. But we can all be thankful that our lungs are not mouldering away on an L.A. sidewalk.

(Thanks go to Eve, of course; it was on seeing her name here that I remembered her thread.)

Yeah, yeah. Look, what about devoting your life to some cause bigger than yourself? Like when Wavy Gravy would go visiting kids on cancer wards and would wipe away their tears with popcorn and then eat them together?

Or try drugs. I hear those can be nice.

You’d be surprised. The recent reports are that he is doing remarkably well, considering.

–VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS at the very bottom of the story–
*(above link intentionally broken, copy/paste in browser - you can read the story and avoid the photos, just don’t keep scrolling down after the article ends)
So, yeah, if he can manage being upbeat, I think we all can.

I can’t go with anything that advices peace, patience and keeping your mouth shut, even tho I “Like” the Dali Llama on Facebook and get posts about him all the time.

Shake your butt and get glad. Make it happen. Every time you throw open the front door and step outside it can be Showtime! People love a good spectacle; we love to be entertained. Entertain yourself by giving yourself bits and pieces of what you want, alla time.

You won’t be bored, I assure you.

Well, if it helps, try to think of how when THOSE people whine about their life they’ll get ridiculed on instead of getting sympathy. :slight_smile: