My current wild speculation about physics

This is my new theory. I cannot support it with any kind of math, nor as a convincingly logical deduction from extant known factors. It’s just my crackpot theory.

Perhaps the antimatter in our universe – which, it is said, ought to be present in roughly equal proportion to the regular matter, but is not – is indeed present. What if it exists adjacent to regular matter, but in one of the other dimensions?

See, I was thinking about chlorine and ammonia; about how the two when mixed react into a deadly poisonous vapor, yet our municipal water supplies contain chloramine, a molecule that combines the two substances yet keeps them apart and prevents them from reacting together. I am the first one to admit that although I studied the wiki page on chloramine, I don’t really understand exactly how this is accomplished. (it involves toluene.)

But that’s not important here, because it is only an analogy.

The point is that matter and antimatter react together violently and annihilate each other. It is said that the Big Bang ought to have produced matter and antimatter in equal proportions; it seems self-evident that if this had occurred without some other factor coming into play, the result should be very little matter left, or no matter at all.

So what if somehow the conditions in the very early universe resulted in some sort of exotic bond which physically linked particles and antiparticles, together but at arm’s length? Perhaps they share electrons, which would explain where electrons go when they’re not here. The electrons would maybe flip to positrons there, then flip back when they return.

It seems to me that such a situation might help explain a few other mysteries having to do with dark matter and with mass.

Define “dimensions.”

That’s not even speculation; it’s just vague guessing without any substance to it. Physics is complicated, and it’s not something you can explain with hand-waving, classical analogies and some sort of notion of extra dimensions (by which you mean separate universes?) and some sort of unspecified ‘exotic bond’. You don’t have a theory; you have the first chapter of a sci-fi novel.

The zeroth-order answer is that physics is not completely symmetric between particles and antiparticles. The first indirect evidence of the violation of CP-invariance was with kaons in the 1960s, and we’ve observed direct CP-violations at this point. The first-order answer is that the observed violations don’t fully explain the observed asymmetry, and it’s still an unresolved problem.

“Dark Matter” vastly outweighs everything else in the know Universe.

Prove me wrong!

But, instead of looking for symmetry within the the first 4 dimensions, if you looked for it across a collection of different dimensions (1-4 and 5-8), then it solves both the anti-matter problem and the kaon problem.


Physics is easy.

Ah, but how do you reconsile this with the theories of Man Trap Hilter?

Then how do you explain away the fact that the antimatter that we have managed to create exists in our normal dimensional space right up until it annihilates with normal matter?

I’m doing a reading of my physics cards right now and I drew a few critical cards. The primary one is the square root card, that operation will be significant, but it’s moderated by the cards on either side, hyperbolic tangent to the left, and the null card to the right.

Based on this, to resolve this question, I’m going to advise a sparing use of square roots in one or more formulas, but be careful not to upset the balance of other complex portions of the formulas.

And, make sure any changes are isolated from any natural logarithms, the null card is pulling the solution away from that type of operation.

I assume he means the Mirror Dimension, or maybe the Quantum Realm.

I’ve done an Internet search but don’t get a hit on “Man Trap Hilter”. Is this the new Dr. Gene Ray of fame?


You just don’t recognize him without his name all squeezed together.

This is a slightly better than the large proportion of the population who engage in wild ramblings about evolution (or the lack of it) and cosmology without acknowledging that they know nothing about the fields.

Ah, I recall him. He didn’t want to “waller in spoon fed ivy league egotistical education,” whatever that means. I read his name as MANTRA PHILTER, which doesn’t make any less sense than the content of his posts.


One hypothesis, not original with me, is that antimatter travels backwards in time and so all the antimatter formed in the Big Bang went back from there while our matter universe moved forward.

There’s one speculative concept that actually corresponds with a “mirror universe”- a universe of inverted parity from ours:

I don’t know if this has been ruled out by observation, but perhaps some asymmetry at the Theory Of Everything level caused antimatter to be preferentially sequestered in black holes.