My Dad's in an indie film!

Yeah they just wrapped up the final scene, it was filmed on Amelia Island Florida. The director is ken Dufault and the film is called Earlene Scores. Dad plays a preacher with a mean streak who drives a woman to murder!

My folks are retired and in their seventies and living a much more exciting life than any of their kids.

They totally ROCK!


That’s GREAT! Is he an actor or was he discovered in a coffee shop?


Hey there!

He and my Mom are involved in a local theatre on the Island and worked with Ken before. Ken is a camera guy and did work on the Jonathan Sayles film Sunshine State that will be released soon. He just asked my Dad if he would be interested in reading his script and the rest is history. Before they moved to Amelia Isl they had never acted before! Now he is in about 2-3 plays a year and Mom is Props Manager!

I’m in an indie film. I’m horribly murdered during the title sequence of Cut Up. Hey, they had to kill me. I was the script supervisor.

[sub]The photo at the top of my “bio” page is of me in makeup for the scene.[/sub]

Hey that is cool!

My husband had a brush with fame once when a experimental film he helped make in college won a student film award from the Motion Picture Academy in 1984. It was called ** Tuscola Moon** Time out of context sequences set to the tune of **Genesis’ ** Salsbury Hill

Yeah? Well, my son and I are in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. Okay, so we’re only in the parade scene. But Ferris was an absolute DREAM to work with!

How totally awesome!
When is this movie slated for release. I love indie films. Those that I can get my hands on in Assboink here.

hands? ass? boink?
Shirley you jest

That is way cool. I hope something interesting like that happens when I’m in my seventies.