My Dance Company makes it's stage debut tonight!

Roughly two years ago I started teaching a small hip hop dance-exercise class in a local studio. About a year ago this evolved into the “Represent Hip Hop Dance Company” and we did a few little performances here and there.

Tonight we are performing on stage in the Isle of Man’s only theatre as guests in a local theatre company showcase. I have about 40 dancers dancing in four routines and rehearsals have gone really well. I am proud to my socks of their talent, hard work and accomplishments so far, and filled with big plans for the future.

Tonight’s show will be one of the highlights of my life.

Break a leg!

(I am curious as to how THAT came to mean good luck!) :smiley:

Only to actors – not to dancers.

To dancers, you say “Merde!”

Wow, you learn something new every day :slight_smile:

Well Good Luck to you all!

I just recently attended a similar choreorobics/ hip hop class at my gym and I loved it!


Some speculation as to why you say “break a leg” to actors – with a PS about the “merde” thing.

Well, all right, then:

MERDE! to your dancers IOMDave!

…thanks for the SD, twickster!

Thanks for the well-wishes everybody.

The reviews are in, and we kicked butt :cool: Favourite comment so far came from IOMWife, who hasn’t seen me, or my students, dance in quite a while. It pretty much went like this:

" :eek: That looked like it came straight from MTV!"

Even better, the show is running for two more nights, so we get to do it all over again!