My Daughter Has A Boyfriend

I knew it would happen someday.

His name is Garrett, and he lives two houses down. I knew they were friends, but yesterday, he came over and asked if she could come and ride his motorcycle. That’s when it started to dawn on me–this may be something a little more serious than a friendship.

So, I let her ride with him. She hopped on the back, and away they went, down the sidewalk on his little blue Harley (seriously–it’s a Harley), and a dizzying 500 feet per hour. But what really got me to thinking that this might be getting serious was when they got to the end of Garrett’s driveway. He turned the bike around, hopped off, and let her drive. Uh oh. I don’t know much about bikers, but when a boy lets a girl actually drive his bike, I think that’s an indication of a possible serious relationship.

So, up & down the sidewalk they go. Then she stops in front of his driveway. Then he asked her if she wanted to drive his car. Oh yeah, she liked that idea. So he drags out a little red T-Bird. Then he says “Oh wait, it needs gas!” So he pulls out a little gas pump. My daughter, being the good little feminist that she is, insists on pumping it herself.

The car only has room for one, though. So she hops in, and he hops back on the Harley. Down the sidewalk they go again, her running the T-Bird with her feet, him following right behind her on the Harley.

Then they pulled up in our driveway. Garrett spotted the Dianasaur’s dump truck. “Hey!” he says. “I’ve got one just like that!” He races home, and runs back a minute later with his dump truck, and sure enough, they’re exactly the same.

Then, the moment came. “I’ve got a booboo on my knee,” says Garrett to the Dianasaur. “Wanna see?” “Yeah!” she says. So he pulls up his pant leg and proudly displays his booboo, which is actually almost healed. “I’ve got a booboo too!” says Dianasaur. “It’s on my lip. I fell down yesterday!” She sticks out her lower lip, and shows him the spot where her tooth cut her lip, when she fell into the windowframe while climbing on the back of the loveseat. Garrett was mightily impressed. And that was when I realized that it was true love. You only show your booboos to someone really special.

Garrett is a younger man. He’s 3, and the Dianasaur is 4. He seems impressed by her worldliness, and she really digs his toys. I think it’ll last, though. I mean, they’ve got matching dump trucks. How can a relationship that starts like that possibly go wrong?

you’re right about the cycle (there was only one friend my son allowed on his cycle. )

And you may also be right about the relationship.

It may, however, be a tad bit early to start stamping the invitations :wink:

(adorable story)


That’s sweet.

I knew there was something fishy about that story. You know what clued me in? It wasn’t the Harley going at 500 FPH. It wasn’t the car that seats one. It wasn’t even that they both were so excited over dump trucks.

No, what clued me in to the oddness of this story is that you managed to watch it happening. At no point did your daughter turn to you and, through widened eyes and clenched teeth yell/whisper, “mooooooooom!!! Go. Away.”

Of course if Persephone saves this thread she should be able to get some fun reactions in about a decade or so. She could pull it out of the archives and show it to all the boys her daughter brings home! Won’t that be a blast!

:smiley: thats funny Purse!! :smiley: Too cute!

Dammit, she’s getting more action that I am. :slight_smile:

Truer words were never spoken.

That story is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages :wink:

Well, Cyndar, now that you have a house, get a dump truck.

…and show us your booboos…

[sub]I can’t believe I just said that.[/sub]

This is a good idea, Persephone. I have a whole stack of cute kid stories about Ralf Jr. that I’ve sent out over the years. I figure I’ll pull a few out now and then when he brings his dates home, but I’m saving the best to spread out at his wedding reception. Just like any good parent would, right?

Still, the naked bathtub pictures trump any written story.

Nothing trumps juvenile nudity in the Embarrassment Sweepstakes.

Sounds like he’s good kid, Pers. I mean, sharing and all! :smiley:

What a great story. I think it is true love, and it’s nice to get that found and out of the way. One less thing. Plus, since he’s a little bit younger, The Dianasaur has license to boss him around until he’s at least 9.

Garrett never stood a chance. Did you over-hear him calling Dianasaur “Mrs. Robinson?” :smiley:

Cute story, Pers.

The first boyfriend is always a little heartbreaking, isn’t it? My daughter has had 3 boyfriends so far. She’s the only little girl at the sitter’s house so she has her pick. First there was Cole. He’s 5 and in kindergarten so she only sees him in the afternoons. She told me that he said he’s going to marry her. The next one was Caleb. He always gets her cup for her and squirts ketchup on her plate when they have corn dogs and french fries. He’s more of a casual thing. Finally, there’s Dalton. He’s the sitter’s grandson. This one may be a little more serious because they fight a lot. He also kissed her on the cheek and then gave her the bird!! :eek: She flipped him off in return and then they both had to drink a 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar for sticking up the “bad finger.”

I think I’d need to have a little “talk” with Mr Garrett!

Me neither! In a thread about a four-year-old! My goodness! :wink:

Well, she’s only four, and right now, she still thinks I’m cool. I don’t expect to become a serious style-cramper until she’s about 5, maybe 6 if I’m lucky. :smiley: