My daughter just made almond cookies

They smell delicious. They ARE delicious. Unfortunately, they are NOT low fat and low calorie, so I had to stop at one. But it was a good cookie.

Glad you enjoyed. They sound yummy.

Today must be dessert-making day.

My wife made chewy chocolate-chip cookies and a key lime pie today.

I’m never gonna get rid of this spare tire. :smiley:

The cookies do sound delish, Lynn. Hoo-raw fer almonds.

I just made some homemade soup made with “Low Salt” Herbox beef stock.
The first thing I had to do after tasting it was to salt it. Still blah.
So, I envy the cookies. (Who invented diets anyway? Is it too late to have them locked up?)


I’m on Atkins. No cookies for me. :frowning: Well I guess the smell won’t hurt. Can you put your kitchen fan facing the east please?

I made brownies last night - they were nasty. Oh well… such is life.

We bought Girl Scout cookies twice last night…once outside Blockbusters (Ole Ole and Aloha Macadamia) and once outside the restaurant (They had the Thin Mints, the first ones didn’t)

Little minions straight from hell…who can refuse them?