My Denon AVR does not turn on. Help.

I recently bought a Denon AVR X1000. The setting up was easy and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, it stopped turning on.

Pressing the power button does nothing. No lights, no leds, nothing at all. I have disconnected all the speakers and inputs, and it is still dead.

I know I should be taking it back to the dealer and have it serviced, but let’s just say, the logistics of that are rather difficult. The dealer from where it was bought is quite far away and is only a retailer. Even if I were to take it to him, he would have to send it to the authorized service center that is still further.

I am in India and the local voltage standard is AC 220 volts.

Any suggestions? Should I look inside and see if something obvious is visible? Is there a fuse or something that I should look for? What if I were to take the trouble of taking it to the dealer, and it turns out that it was only a case of a blown fuse or something!

You may get a better response on an AV Forum board.

I found a manual on the Denon website and it looks like you can try a couple of things.
The protection circuit has been tripped which will turn it off until the unit cools down. Ensure you have the voltage selector on the back on the right setting.

Reset to Factory settings:
1 Turn off the power using X.
2 Press X while simultaneously pressing TUNER PRESET
3 Once the display starts flashing at intervals of about 1
second, release the two buttons.
Display is off. • Set “Dimmer” on the menu to something other than “Off”.
• When the sound mode is set to PURE DIRECT, the display is off.
This unit’s amplifier circuit has failed. Turn off the power and please contact the Denon service adviser.

First, just make sure the outlet works. Don’t spend all this time (and money) just to find out there’s no juice because that outlet was on a switch and you never realized it. Go plug a lamp or something in there…in the exact place where the receiver was plugged in. Or, just as well, plug the receiver into a ‘known good’ outlet’.

Not an expert by any means, but yes, there is a fuse and most likely a little disc-shaped thingy somewhere in-line called a “current onrush limiter”. If either of these are bad, that would cause a non-power up situation.

But after only two weeks, I would have it replaced under warranty. Or return it outright. But I’m in the U.S. and don’t really know how things work in India.

Good Luck!

Trying a factory reset is always the first thing to try, and you will find this will be the advice on the AV forums. There is no point going further until that has been tried.

Unfortunately 2 weeks is well within the typical infant mortality failure period for most equipment, and you may simply have a bad unit. If you feel confident you won’t mess up you could try ensuring all the internal connections (or which there will be many) are properly seated. After that you are not going to be able to do much yourself.

Before cracking the case and voiding the warranty, personally, I would just take it back to the store. The OP said the store is far away, so it might be worth calling to make sure they have another one in stock. Also, again personally, I’d just say it never worked. They’ll be able to plug it in and see that it doesn’t turn on as well. But if you’ve opened the case and/or removed any stickers, you’ll be SOL trying to get them to take it back.

But try my above suggestion first. Hate for the store to plug it in and have it work just fine.