My dentist is a ham fisted cack handed oik

What’s that? You don’t want it with the “Michael Winner Special Sauce”? :smiley:

My dentist’s up in Diss. Probably a bit far for you, but he’s very good. When he did my root canal, all I felt was when one of my moustache hairs got snagged.

A brit with fucked up teeth. . .what’s next. . .cop eating a donut?

…a seppo with an unhealthy obsession with guns? :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed it does, and it so suited Dr Chaudrhy…

Here’s a book that may help…

Come to the good old U.S. of A. with a fistful of cash. We may be arrogant pricks, but by God, we have excellent orthodontists.

Suddenly I’m having a flashback to the old SNL ad for Pre-Chewed Charlie’s: the steakhouse for folks with dentures, where the waiters did all the chewing for you…

My condolences, chowder. I thought my childhood dentist had already croaked, but it looks like he just moved to England instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Got any children? I think I read that American indians used to chew up their food for their old people with no teeth.

Yes I’ve got a sprog but if you think I’d for one second eat anything that had been in his gaping maw you’re sadly mistaken.

My son, gawd bless him, is a person that with one blast of his noxious breath can cause flowers to wilt, cats to run in terror, milk to sour and WW1 veterans to look around nervously, fearful of a mustard gas attack.

Trunk I haven’t got fucked up teeth, I haven’t got any up top. My lower set of pearlies are OK, for now.

Pundit Lisa If I was 20 years younger I’d be on the next plane to the US. I know your dentists are top notch. Most of ours seem to be ex abbatoir workers who have not lost the taste for gore :stuck_out_tongue: