My desk is beeping

But, I have to go out for a while, will figure it out later.

Long, long time between occurances, on the order of hours. Three short beeps in about 2 seconds time, very faint, quite high on the note scale.

I wonder how many crazy replies vs not crazy replies this will generate?

ciao4now --BE GOOD!

Um, that’s weird.

Is your desk on the Starship Enterprise by any chance?

Other than that, I got nothin’.

are you wearing you’re tin foil hat? Because if you’re not, then you may think that the desk is beeping, but it’s really just the CIA beaming messages into you’re brain.

Is there a strong smell of popcorn in the air? If so, the answer could be that you’re really quite small and have been using a microwave oven for a desk, and someone has used your “desk” to make popcorn in, and now it’s done.
Simple as that.

I’m guessing it’s something like a Tamogotchi that’s fallen behind a drawer and is slowly dying, or some other kind of keychain gadget/game whose batteries are running down. :smiley: Do tell when you solve the mystery.

You know it’s just a vast conspiracy to make NCB go insane.

Go insane? :dubious:

Sounds like you have a dying smoke detector in a drawer.

Check your drawers. You may have somebody’s pager buried in your desk someplace.

I have a little battery-operated birdie (that sounds really weird). No, it’s a little artificial bird, a cardinal to be precise, and you stick its feet in a plant’s soil. Then it chirps to tell you when the soil’s dry.

Anything like that?

Clearly, his desk must be in dire need of watering.


If that’s the OP’s case, I’ll eat my spats. :smiley:

Not really. Okay, I have an L shaped desk with 8 drawers. BTW, Leesha’s post had me checking my pants. I have a couple of old meters in it, a dead hard drive, and…

I mean, from a long time ago. I haven’t used a pager since I got a cell phone, and I’ve had a cell phone for about 6 years now.

No, I haven’t heard it beep again yet, but I have it on top of the monitor now (my pet lizard), so I should know eventually. Funny thing, tho. It used a AAA battery and there isn’t one in it right now. In some of my cameras, there is a long life lithium imbedded in the works, often not user replaceable, which remembers settings like ISO or something. Perhaps the pager has a lithium somehwere inside it remebering its number and now, after 5 - 6 years, it’s going bad and signalling the need for replacement?

That’s my WAG. I couldn’t find anything else in or near the desk that could be the culprit unless the Mars Guys are beaming some sort of mind control at me.

My goodness, you had all of that in your pants?

Man, I am just full of wit today!

:confused: I thought spats were something you did with your SO? (have an argument)

Spats were also the leather or canvas uppers that the fashionable wore to keep their trousers and shoes from letting their ankles show. I think that’s the purpose of 'em at least.

Not exactly something many people wear day-to-day these days. :wink:

Ahoy hoy, I still have some.

From a party costume.

A Communist Party costume.

(Don’t worry. It makes even less sense on this end.)

Ninja Chick, you realise this means WAR!

Still no noise from the lizard. Maybe it’s completely dead now.

It’s amazing how one tries to fill their time when the woman they just started dating’s kid has a cold/flu/spontaneous combustion problem/evil demon possesion.

At least I’m learning to like IM again. I feel like I’m 33 all over again.

We need a smiley for an exploding head. Really. I’m trying to figure out how even a non-sensical Communist Party costume would have spats… and I can smell the smoke, starting, now… :smack:

Please don’t make me start a stream-of-consciousness thread. We may not survive it.

Yanno, it would have been sooo much cooler had you said

Then I could have followed with puns on lifting up a little relief for the pressure you’d be under. :wink:

Alas, you flubbed your straight line. :stuck_out_tongue: