My digital camera has weird lines in the final picture? (With pics) what's the deal?

I have a Vivitar 5.0 Megapixel Vivicam 385 (Which is still under the 1 month return policy)

It was absolutely fine up until a couple days ago. I got a 1GB memory card, threw it in, took some pictures and lines started showing up in the pictures. So I took some black and white test shots and here is the result:

Lines in picture

Picture 2, more lines

Picture 3 lines

Pic with more lines

Next picture

last one

As you can see, the lines are somewhat consistant. I exchanged the 1 GB card for the 128, took some shots and it came out with the same lines so I don’t think it has to do with the card. I changed the settings on the camera and restored original defaults. No luck there either. Whether it be full color, black and white, or sepia, the lines are there.

What is the cause of this? What is the solution? I’d rather not return the camera to avoid the hassel if there is a quick fix. If not, I will. I take good care of the camera so I really dont think it has anything to do with the lens. Sheesh I have barely had it a week.

Wow, that’s weird. I’d say you have a busted CCD or something and will most likely need to exchange the camera.

I like your shots. You’ve got a good eye for composition.

Not an expert, but I don’t see how that can be a lens problem of any sort, which would be fixable if it were a Digital SLR, but I don’t think it is (and I can’t seem to find your camera model via a quick google). And if that’s the case, it’s definitely a return/exchange situation.
Quick hijack: “Pic with more lines” looks like what I would imagine being on LSD looks like.

I believe what is going on here is crosstalk from lines on the sensor and your sensor (CCD/CMOS) is busted. Another potential problem is a software bug in some sort of image quality tuning software. (try resetting the camera from the setup menu if you have that problem)

If I remember I’ll take a look at this tomorrow and see if I can think of anything else in the morning.

Another vote for problem in your CCD or the camera electronics. Return the camera, it’s not going to spontaniously repair.

So what would cause something to go wrong with the CCD?

Electronics failures can come from any number of things; manufacturing flaw, physical or electric shock, mosture. Consumer electronics just fail and there’s often nothing that can be done to prevent or repair.

I once saw a similar noise, when I connected a cheap generic AC adapter to the camera’s external power connector. Apparently the AC adapter produced a lot of electrical noise which was picked up by the camera’s electronics.

If you’re not doing something strange like that, I’d say get it replaced.