My Doctor Told Me To Stop Losing Weight

I went in to the doctor’s office for yet another sinus infection today. He looked me up and down approvingly (which I certainly don’t mind, because he’s a major babe), and said “You look very good. I see you’re losing weight. Are you dieting?”

Well, no, I’m not. I’ve lost 12 pounds since my last visit to him (in January), though. It’s mostly stress. I told him this, although I didn’t really need to. He’s well aware of the stress in my life right now. He said “That’s what I thought. And though you do look very good, I want you to stop losing weight. No more. Got it?”

Now, I’m not exactly anorexic here. I’m 5’1", and back in January, I weighed 149. Now I weigh 137. That’s two pounds up from what I weighed when I got pregnant with my first daughter, back in 1988, and nine pounds up from my high school graduation weight, in 1985.

There was something I forgot about while I was at the doctor’s office, though. Back in January, I had my teeth cleaned. My dentist ragged on me about my Coca-Cola habit. I finally decided to make the switch to diet. So, besides the stress, I wonder if switching to diet pop played a role in this weight loss. I’ve never checked a Coke bottle for it’s calorie content, but it’s certainly not low-cal.

The really funny thing about all of this is that I’ve been seeing this doctor for nearly ten years, and this is the first time he’s ever said anything at all about my weight. Go figure. :smiley:

I love your doctor! Is he seeing new patients? :slight_smile:

I have battled anorexia most of my life. I finally got my food issues settled a few years ago, at age 40. I’m 5’9", and had never weighed more than 115 lbs (including three pregnancies). My old doctor had worked with me on my food aversions, and was quite happy that I had ‘porked up’ to 130lbs. He retired last year, and his new replacement ahemed me about my current weight of 137. He ordered me to lose at least 5 pounds!!

You just can’t please some people…

Congrats!!! I hate you, though. I’ve been trying to lose 10 lbs for the last 5 yrs without much success. I mean 2 freakin’ pounds a year… is that so hard? It’s all those damn holidays. So to hear you lose that much without even trying is depressing as hell. The coke I can do (I love regular coke just like you did), but my daily stress thing isn’t cutting it. Could I maybe have some of yours? :slight_smile:

Regarding the Coke thing: It’s definitely possible that it is at least partially responsible for your weight loss. I gave up sugar a few months back as Phase 1 of my Multi-Phasic Personal Eating Plan ™, and just that was enough to cause about a 5-lb weight loss, even without any extra exercising or cutting out fatty foods or what have you. Coke calories build up more than you’d think, especially if you have a two or three can-a-day habit like mine.


Tell your doctor he needs to hit the books. I’m 5’9" and I happen to know that the LOW end of the published healthy weight range is 140. Don’t risk what you’ve accomplished worrying about your weight. Your doctor doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

MsWhatsit: 2-3 cans a day? :::scoff::: On a good day, I could drink 3-4 20 oz bottles. On a bad day, 2-3 liters. That’s why my dentist ragged on me so bad.

Oh man. I’d love to say yes, but I can’t. I wouldn’t wish this particular stress on my worst enemy. :smiley:

You’re kidding. You’re eight inches taller than me, and we’re the same weight. You’ve no doubt been through some serious stuff, conquering your food aversions. And this @!$#@!^&^% tells you you need to lose? Lose 5 flippin’ pounds?? Where’d he get his license? Doctors R’ Us? Oy vey!

truthbot: IANAD, but yours is out of his gourd. I’m 5’9" and I weigh 155 and I’m skinny for my height. 140 or 150 for 5’9" for a woman is healthy, I’d say. Give your doctor some forceps so he can pry his head out of his ass.

Being the overweight individual that I am, I’l toss MY two cents in here. Being that I know Persephone personally, I’d have to say that the stress level is EXTREMELY high. Then again, I know for a fact that she NEVER is without SOMETHING to drink. Also, She uses as much damn salt as I do on any and all types of food. :smiley: To me, this adds up to a LOT of water weight. Especially when your exercise consists pretty much solely of chasing kids around the house :smiley:

Is it at least possible thatperhaps a reduction in your salt intake and possibly the amount of liquid consumption has something to do with this?

All I can say is that I wish that I was losing 6 pounds a month. :mad:

::laughs maniacally:: I’m between 5’9" and 5’10" with a wider skeletal frame than most women, which means that even 150 lbs on me would look emaciated, so don’t worry about what the doctor says about your weight. Seriously, I haven’t been bothered by my doctor about my weight since I was about 13, and I am slightly overweight at most IMO.

truthbot -

I just wanted to congratulate you on getting your food issues settled. I finally settled mine about three years ago, and my joy at not having that burden anymore far outweighs any concern I have about my weight. Is there a reason why your new doctor even has to weigh you? I haven’t been weighed since 1992 (I simply tell the nurse that I don’t get a weigh-in), so no one ever bothers me with these questions. It might be worth explaining a little of your history to your doctor so he doesn’t make comments that are our of line. [I noticed the “are our” on preview, but decided to leave it in. Instant SAT question. :)]

Persephone -

Did your doctor tell you why he didn’t want you losing weight? I know that doctors are often concerned about weight loss because it can reflect underlying health problems, but if you don’t have any specific health issues, I’m not sure why he’s ordering you around (except for the current obsession with making sure that everyone weighs exactly what he or she is “supposed” to). Did he give you any suggestions to stop your weight loss? My doctor once told me that I would lose weight if I just got rid of the stress in my life. :rolleyes: There’s a solution for you.:wink: I do think that the change in your soft drink choices might have something to do with it. If you really want to put on a few pounds, there are a number of websites that will point you toward healthy weighs of increasing your calorie intake. [healthy “weighs”? Another typo that’s too good to remove.]

Last time I saw my doctor, I told him that I had gained 12 pounds since last November. He seemed pleased at this, and I certainly don’t object one bit.

I am now officially “fat” at 150 pounds, insofar as my 39 inch hips make me a size 14. This says a lot about the insane way American culture defines “fat”.

SpoilerVirgin: No, my doctor is not concerned with me being an “ideal” weight, thank goodness. If he was, he’d have been carping on me YEARS ago, when I was about 30 pounds heavier. The one thing he’s never done in the 10 years I’ve been seeing him is tell me to lose weight. But he does know a great deal about the stress in my life, and he’s more concerned with my physical and mental health than anything else. And this is a very sudden weight loss, too. I’d been holding steady at between 145-150 since my son was born in October 1999, and the doctor knows that, too.

I’m short, and the last weight chart I looked at without laughing told me that the ideal for a woman of my height and bone structure (which is important) was somewhere between 128-141. This is realistic, for me, anyway. I’m short, but I’m not petite. I think my doctor is more concerned with me becoming underweight, malnourished, and unhealthy, which certainly won’t help me deal with the current stress. He didn’t tell me to gain any weight, he just told me to stop losing.

KellyM: I absolutely agree with you on what you said about how the American culture defines “fat.” Hoo boy, us non-supermodel-sized women need to get busy on changing Madison Avenue’s mind, don’t we? :wink:

RE: the coke habit.

Mr. Ujest use to drink about a 8-12 pack of regular coke a day. After the low carb diet craze hit and listening to people whom he respected talk to about cutting a few carbs to drop a few pounds, he decided to try diet coke. After first, it was really hard for him to make the adjustment.

That was January 1999. He lost 15 pounds in three months just with that switch alone.

But he is still a bread-a-holic.