My dog is a hero.

Awhile ago, I wrote this thread about my dog being attacked by another dog in my neighborhood. Well, yesterday, my dog proved herself to be a heroic, brave, protective dog. My daughter and I were out in the country at my mother’s house with our dog Zoe. Since it’s the country, and my dog doesn’t run away, I let her run free in the yard. My mother’s across the street neighbor has an Australian shepherd, who I learned yesterday, is very aggressive. The kid, the dog and I were playing in the front yard, when the Aussie appeared and started barking at us like crazy. My dog went over to her, and they smelled each other etc. After about a minute of this, the Aussie started getting nasty. She started growling at my dog, and trying to push her. My dog, a german shepherd mix started pushing back. The Aussie then charged at me, barking. My dog got between us, and pushed the other dog away. The dog then went for my daughter, but Zoe got between them. The Aussie kept trying to get close to us, but Zoe ran back and forth, pushing the other dog away until the Aussie’s owner called her to come home.
I was a little shaken. Australian shepherds aren’t very big, but they can be very aggressive. I was deeply impressed with my dog as well. She didn’t bark, she didn’t snarl, but she wouldn’t allow that Aussie to come near us at all. Zoe’s such a good girl!

The doggie treats are on me!

Let’s have a party with our canine companions.

Drags in the dogs and throws confetti everywhere

That’s one good dog. Our family dog used to babysit us kids when I was wee. He wouldn’t let us go onto the road or out of the yard, I hear. He would let our pet rabbits ride around on him without bothering them. He was also a very good dog.

Wow! Your dog sounds awesome too!

My dog is entirely useless.

However, he is very friendly, and extremely fuzzy. Which is all I ask of him.

My dogs defend my from the terrors of my cats and hide beneath me when it storms. They apparently think anything evil that’s coming them will eat me, get full, and let them run away.

I love my dogs.

Aw, you never know. I never thought my dog would protect me either. I love her like crazy, but she’s always seemed rather cowardly in the face of danger before. However, my safety and the safety of my daughter were more important to her than the little things (like thunder) she’s feared before. She came through for me, and I think she knows I’d do the same for her. Perhaps she remembers Harborwolf and I saving her from Biscuit (see the link in my first post). I know now that my dog has got my back no matter what.

Cool. I have a Zoe too. I don’t think she’s any good for physical protection, and she can be destructive around the apartment. But she never fails to make me smile, which is more than I could ask for. And more than I can say for any human companion… :slight_smile:

Any pictures of your Zoe?

Give that dog a steak!

Yay Zoe ! Isn’t it amazing how they can surprise you ? Give her a big hug from me !

That is awesome. You don’t realize how dedicated our dogs our until something like this.

My little Yorkie is protective, too. He’s got my back if I’m ever attacked by a squirrel or a dead leaf blowing across the yard! :smiley:

Good dog Zoe!

My doxie just naps in the yard until I come out the door, then she jumps up and pretends that she’s been chasing the squirrels out of the yard. She’s too short to know I saw her napping throught the window. Silly dog.

Alias where do you live that random dogs appear and pick fights with you and yours? Yeesh! Glad to hear that you all are okay again, but I think your local animal control office needs a kick in the rear.

My Westie is getting up there in age (he’ll be 15 in August, knock on wood) and spends most of his time sleeping, but he always sleeps near me. If he wakes up and sees that I’m gone he’ll seek me out before passing out again. A part of me wants to believe he wants to be near in case I need protecting, but a part of me thinks that he’s afraid that I’ll disappear and no one will feed him.

Here’s my Zoe.

Wolfian, to be fair, the incidents happened 20 miles apart. The first one happened close to Harborwolf’s and my neighborhood, the second incident happened at my mother’s house out in the country. Still, it does seem that you’re more likely to get attacked by a dog if you come to my house, doesn’t it?

Here is my little buddy Goliath. Goliath isn’t stupid and he will submit to bigger dogs, but then he wants to move on. Every once in a while we come across a dog that will continue to pester him even after he has submitted. When that happens Goliath, who is really a sweetheart, can get rather snarly. Last weekend we came across some dogs that were playing - one of them was a Airdale terrier that wouldn’t leave Goliath alone. The Airdale was about a year old and had a reputation for being a bundle of energy. Without resorting to biting, Goliath wrestled down and pinned the Airdale (Goliath weighs about 30# and Airdale was quite abit larger). There was certain degree of astonishment.

Ah, I’d missed where you finally decided on a name. Nice pooch.

And good Zoe you have, too, Alias