My dog is having a mid-life crisis.

I have a little Shih-tzu name Katy. She is 7 years old. I’ve had her since she was 4 weeks old. Lately she has been depressed… She wanders around the pool, then stops and stares into the water for 5 minutes. She has seen this pool for the past 7 years and paid it no attention. After she is done with the pool gazing, she walks to the edge of the screen enclosure and stares out at the grass for another 10 minutes. All the while the door to the screen is open so that she can go in and out as she likes while I read in the morning.

Today she walks up to me and stares at me real hard then growls at me. I look at her and ask her what she wants. (she understand english you see) She doesn’t respoond with either a tail wag or a “follow me” demand.

I checked her food and water and it was full. I let her out the door several times.

She continued like this the rest of the day. I have noticed that she wont eat her dog food anymore. (I just bought a freakin’ 20lb. bag) I had to bring her on the trip to my sister’s house because she just kept growling/whining at me. I gave her lots of stuff to eat at my sister’s house until she wasfull and hiding pizza crusts in the cushions of the couch. (I can only feed her dry, greasless stuff or she gets sick)
So I’ve come to the conclusion that my dog is having a mid-life crisis. She has been acting weird the last few weeks… I’ve decided that she is pondering her life and accomplishments and is not happy with them. My husband says she is dissatisfied with her non-reproductive status.

What do you think?

I think your dog needs to see a vet. What you are describing is a definite change in behavior that could signify something serious. It could be as simple as an abcessed tooth ( not wanting dry food and an infection will make her lethargic) or well, almost anything. PLEASE have her checked out, she may be giving you all the signs she can.

I agree with dragon, get to a vet right away. Such behavior changes can be indicative of a medical problem. Your animal might understand English, but you do not understand doglish.

My sister is a licenced vet tech and has checked her out. There is nothing wrong with her medically. She is not losing dramatic weight either.

Last night she spent the whole evening sitting next to my husband and following him around. Then this morning when I woke up to arrange my pillows I found her sleeping underneath one of them. I think she is trying to commit suicide now.

Today she was playing with the “other” dog and running around like crazy. This also isn’t really her personality. It is like she is trying to relive her puppyhood. My sister wants to check out prozac for her. but I think this is rediculous.

All of her test results also turned out normal when returned. She is not having a health problem to our knowledge. I think she is going crazy.

tubagirl I have an 11 year old mutt (Phoebe) who gets these weird moods sometimes. What she does is cringe and act like she’s done something bad…she won’t eat, and won’t leave her bed. I got her as an abused rescue dog 9 years ago…I figure she’s having flashbacks. Like you, I’ve had her checked medically, & she’s fine. She usually comes out of it in a few days, but she’s a sensitive dog.

Three weeks ago my other dog was killed. Phoebe acted just like a depressed human. She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t leave her bed, was really crabby and unresponsive. It took almost two weeks for her to get back to “normal.”

Have there been ANY changes in your house? Things you wouldn’t notice, but a dog might…fights with your spouse, moved furnture, something like that? Dogs are like kids, they need a lot of consistency to feel secure. If Katy was weaned at 4 weeks, this could make her more vulnerable; that’s really too early to leave her mom & sibs.

Give her time and love…I bet she’ll come around.