My dog is running!

I wrote a little about this when it happened, but I didn’t tell the whole story. I have an older dog, Bandit, he is eleven. One day last fall he came inside after playing outside in the fenced backyard and he could not use his back legs at all. We lifted him into the van and brought him to the vet. The vet took x-rays but nothing was showing up, so she suspected nerve damage. The outlook was not good, my vet didn’t know if the damage would heal or not, plus my old dog was showing signs of arthritis.

Finally after a week he could get around with help, we put a rolled up towel under his belly and he could at least go potty. The drug he was taking (Prednisone) made him very thirsty, so by a week later when we brought him home from the vet he was drinking a lot and had to go outside to pee every four hours. We modified our back entrance and built a ramp so we could wheel Bandit in his specially built kennel-on-wheels outside. One of us (either me or my BF) had to be up all the time to bring him out. After a month of this (and I think the Glucosamine supplements kicked in) Bandit could use his hind legs and walk without the towel. He couln’t move very fast, but he could finally go out with supervision. Over the winter he has slowly improved and today I let him out and he ran! It was just over to the fence, but I was almost crying to see him free of pain and able to be a dog again. I just had to share.

Excellent! Just make sure he doesn’t overdo it.
Did you give him an extra doggy treat?

That is wonderful. I hope that you will have many more years together, with few health problems.

Please give him two extra doggy treats (I’m adding one to screech-owl’s, and a big hug, and many ear scratchies, and perhaps a kiss. But something tells me you’ve already done most of that :wink:

To save your doggy from too many doggy treats, I offer him a bone instead! That’s great news. Too bad you don’t know what caused it… I had a dog a couple of years ago who within the space of half a day was paralysed in his hind legs. He developped a bunch of other problems too, and died the following morning, and we never knew what caused it. The vets ruled out rabies, then thought it could have been some sort of plant or household product that acted as a poison in him. Keep an eye out for him eating anything unusual if he has a relapse…it might save another dog in the long run.

Once again, congrats! :slight_smile:

Great news!!!

I say give him another biscuit, he’s earned it.

Hell here’e some snausages, belly rubs, and kisses on the snout while we’re at it. Congrats.

Thanks for all the well wishes. Screech…the overdoing it is the part I’m worried about too. One of our other dogs loves to play with Bandit and in the past it got rough and wild. They love to chase each other around the trees and wrestle. It is so hard to tell them “no” because they both want to play so bad. I suspect that rough housing is what caused the problem in the first place. We have a fenced yard, but when the dogs go up on the hill they’re out of view.

Thanks again!

Yay for Bandit!

My last Rottie (Bosco) had an episode like this at age nine. My vet gave him a cortisone shot right into his spine. He was only incapacitated for a couple of weeks - it was nerve damage. He lived another good year & a half before succumbing to bone cancer. :frowning:

You sound like good dog-parents!