My dog is sick and I'm worried

My Bouncer dog started having really runny diarrhea yesterday afternoon. Runny, as in like water squirting out of his butt. He didn’t have an appetite either, which is VERY unusual for this dog. And he has that “I really don’t feel good at all” look to him. :frowning:

We took him to the emergency vet this morning. They did a fecal exam (didn’t find anything bad) and they opted to treat him symptomatically with metronidazole (which I’ve given dogs before) and something called Endosorb, which is supposed to help with the diarrhea. They sent him home with Science Diet i/d (a bland diet for dogs with tummy problems). He seemed to be feeling a little better, and ate almost a whole can of food. Then he threw most of it up. He hadn’t vomited before.

So we’ve got another appointment at our regular vet in the morning.

This is my baby boy dog. He’s the dog that I adopted from PetsMart 10 years ago. I went to his crate and opened the door (with permission). Bouncer came out and put his paws on my shoulders and gave me a hug and a kiss, and I knew I’d have to bring him home with me. He’s the sweetest dog in the whole world, in spite of the health problems he’s had over the years.

In the last year, our two oldest dogs got sick and had to be put to sleep. If something happens to this dog, I really have no idea how I’ll be able to handle it. He’s just 11. He’s a good friend to our youngest dog, Jasper, who’s fine, btw.

Y’all think good thoughts for my dog and me…

Good thoughts coming your way from me and my furry friends

((Bouncer and Archergal))

You’ve got all the good thoughts I can possibly muster. Best of luck to you and Bouncer!

I’m sending good thoughts your way, Archergal. The best of luck to Bouncer!

He’s a beautiful dog. Many good vibes sent toward him, and a wag of friendship from Clover, too.

Archergal that is a beautiful dog.
About a month ago my vet gave my dog less than one month to live. It is now just over a month later and my dog is better than he was when I wrote that post.
There is no real medical reason for his doing so well. I can only attribute it to the power of the dope.
So with that in mind, I will give Indy lots of extra love and a treat and tell him it is from you and Bouncer.
Oh {{{{Archergal}}}} these are for you.

Based on what you’ve written, I personally wouldn’t be too concerned. Sometimes dogs eat something they shouldn’t and it makes them sick. Usually they get over it in a few days. This has happened to two of my dogs…loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea. Both were fine within a week. Do see your vet and get blood work done if you want, but it will probably go away on it’s own. Be sure he doesn’t get dehydrated (pull up the skin on his neck–it shouldn’t stay pulled up) and watch for labored breathing. He’ll be okay, I’d bet.

I am sorry to hear your news. Sending supporting thoughts your way!

Yeah, but Bouncer has some other problems that make this more of a worry. He’s got exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (meaning he can’t digest his food without a special supplement.) Right now it looks like food is passing through him without being digested properly, in spite of the supplement. And he won’t eat. :frowning:

We’re going back to the vet this morning.

My pups (Norton and Meisje) are sending good vibes your way. We hope everything comes out ok. Please keep us posted.

Me and my beast Baron are sending good, healthy vibes to you all - I hope everything works out!!

Hugs for you and Bouncer!

My Lucy was sick a while back for almost two weeks, but she’s recovered fully and is now her hungry, lively, affectionate self again.

Thanks for all the good wishes, folks. I have been absolutely sick with worry about this dog. He’s the last one left of our four original dogs. I really appreciate the kind thoughts and good wishes.

We got back from our second vet visit a little while ago. They did bloodwork and x-rays this trip. The only thing they saw on the bloodwork was that his white cell count was elevated, so he’s fighting some inflammation somewhere. I was worried that he might be having a bout of pancreatitis, but doesn’t look like that.

They also took x-rays. I’d also been afraid that he had some kind of intestinal blockage. They didn’t find anything like that (whew!). They did find that his hips are bad. Really bad. :frowning: The vet said she didn’t know how he was getting around as well as he does with hips like that. :frowning: :frowning:

He’s dehydrated, so I got some fluids to give him sub-q. (I’ve done this before with another dog, so I was comfortable saying I could do that at home.) We’ll fast him for 24 hours, give him fluids in the morning, and start introducing oral water and food after that.

He’s not out of the woods yet, but I feel slightly better with the bloodwork and x-ray info. Well, except about his hips, that is. If he gets his appetite and starts eating and keeping food down tomorrow, I’ll start relaxing a little.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Fingers crossed. Good luck.