My dog just ate a vitamin

Is she going to die?

Its a generic “Men’s Multi Vitamin” for whatever thats worth. When she first ate it up I didnt think anything of it. Then about 10 seconds later I thought that maybe there is something in there dogs can’t have. Do I need to take her to the emergency room for dogs? Thanks in advance.

If it’s a single tablet, I wouldn’t be too concerned. A dog’s natural diet isn’t so far off from ours that a single supplement tablet would cause any ill effects.

Thats what I figured and was hoping for. The wife’s cat got ran over on Tuesay, losing both pets in a week would suck for her.

[sub]I don’t need the sympathy for the cat, but thanks anyway :)[/sub]

To be sure I’d call the vet. Depending on the size of the dog and exactly what’s in the vitamin there could be problems.
That being said, dogs are amazing in what they can eat that doesn’t kill them. I knew a small dog that ate an entire jumbo bag of Hershey Kisses, wrappers and all that turned out fine. Wasn’t happy when it had to potty the next day but there was no lasting damage.
Still not a bad idea to call the vet though. Better safe then sorry

True, the dog next door is really dumb, but his buddy (also a dog) is lame. One day they got together and outsmarted me. While I was petting the dumb one, the one with the gimpy leg got up and grabbed my “FastBreak” candy bar. I only took one bite out of it. He ate it wrapper and all.

Nothing will happen. Speaking as a dog owner who had this very discussion with my vet yesterday, I can assure you, that had the dog eaten a whole bottle, nothing much would happen, except maybe an upset stomach.

The reason I had the discussion was that my breeder had tyold me to give the pup 500mg of vitamin-c, daily. I thought this to be BS and asked the vet. He agreed and said dogs don’t need vitamins, provided you give them a proper diet. They can also make their own vitamin-c, as opposed to humans, so no need for supplements. “What if I give him vitamins?” said I. “Well, it won’t harm him, but it won’t do much good either” said vet.

I seriously doubt it. There are also vitamin pills for dogs, but I have not compared the contents to ones for humans.