My dreams are usually quite prophetic.

However, last night they were just plain weird.

While I’m waiting for my design document to be routed for peer-review, I shall explain exactly why. Mainly because I’m bored, and I like starting a thread every now and again.

Okay, usually when I enter the dreaming portion of my sleep, I do so very gradually and comfortably. And, for the most part, I’m totally aware that I’m dreaming. I don’t know, I’ve always been this way. Nowadays, I drop into a world of my own creation, a smooth black plane of glass with two small onyx pillars in front of me picked out on a blood red sky. I’m not sure as to exactly why I find this comfortable but I do. I’m able to sit in peace for a moment before my actual dreaming begins. I usually see a soft white light between the pillars and feel as if I’m being pulled through. Then my dreams take hold of me, and are usually stories that have some goal that I have to acheive. I have suprising control of my dreams and am pretty much a demi-god in my own world. However, my subconcious, I think, likes to challenge me, and I don’t always achieve this goal, but it’s there and I’m relatively cognizant of it. Then, usually during the following days I see bits and pieces of these dreams played out, and I remember them. I’m not saying I’m a prophet or anything, I’m nowhere near that special, however, it happens, and to anyone that thinks this is just total BS, well, I know what I dream and you don’t.

Anyway, that’s enough background. Last night, and this is happening more often lately, I was just thrust forcibly into my dream state. My dream was strange to say the least. I dreamt that I was with some of you guys, and that we were trapped in one of those Mitsubishi mini-vans while an Army captain stood outside in the rain barking orders at us. And here’s the truly weird thing, when I say that I was with some of you guys, I mean, some of you guys as one person. Like some uber-doper with the collective personalities of a lot of you. Unfortunately, they were all so inter-mixed that I can’t tell you exactly which ones of you were there. Just that you were. This was so strange to me. Not to mention the fact that I’m Air Force, not Army, and the fact that all of you possessed the body of a small chinese girl with a very plain face. I’m still trying to make sense of it, to no avail. But, if I ever figure out exactly which ones of you were there, and I have a few ideas now, but nothing definite, I’ll tell you.

To any extent, this was a super long post and for that I apologize, but if I entertained your imagination for but a moment, I am pleased. Thanks for letting me share my odd dream with you, and feel free to share your own.

“No thoughts… No pain… We’ll go dreaming.”

And I thought I’d had some pretty strange dreams (like my Seinfield sex dream) This one has me beat. I’m not even going to think about analysis on this one… :slight_smile:

But it will give me something interesting to ponder for the rest of my working day… :smiley:

Thank you TruePisces. Not only for being the only one to have a reply, but for being a truly Piscean individual and being interested in dreams. We Arians love you. :slight_smile:

I just wish I could’ve made just one more post before this one so that my OP could have been my 500th. That would’ve been cool, and something I just thought of. Maybe I can sneak one in the pit and make it look like it was. :wink:

Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear the rest of your dreams.

“Just close your eyes… forget your name… forget the world… forget the people.”

My dreams are generally:

  1. surreal (so what’s new);
  2. benign (nightmares are extremely rare);
  3. entertaining; and
  4. not involving me as a participant.

I find that last one a little weird, frankly. I have these dreams, and I’m not even in them? The dream I had last night I started out in, and then I wandered off but ended up watching the rest of the dream either as someone else or as a “neutral observer”. This is not unusual for me.

IOW, my dreams are usually just like weird television. Which is cool by me.

I find myself in the same situation as the late Robert Benchley: my dreams go by opposites.

For instance—last night I dreamed that my friend David and I were in a Berlin cabaret in the 1920s, and were seated at a table, smoking cigarettes and talking to an African elephant. Now, today—THE VERY NEXT DAY!—It is not the 1920s, I have not seen nor heard from David, I am not in Berlin or in a cabaret, I do not smoke, and I have not seen a single elephant, either Indian or African!

Explain THAT away, Mr. Scientist!

Hey Eve, I had a dream last night where an African elephant swam past me as I was swimming the Atlantic. And I cant swim a stroke :eek:

I had a dream last night that I was making paper hearts and then ripping them apart while singing, “Christ, you know it ain’t easy…”. I was also playing the euphonium…I think I was playing Marche Slave on it.
All at once, I was drowning without panicking.
Then, I was a pancake.
The last scene took place in a drugstore. One of my friends was clinging to me and begging me for heroin, and the other was being a mime.
Then, all I saw was a white screen…and then, “THE END” appeared on it and I woke up.

Freaky, hmm?

I took a nap between classes today and had an unnerving series of dreams. The one that I remember most vividly involved sitting outside with my grandmother (who passed away the summer before I started sixth grade), drinking tea and lemonade. Whenever I dream about my grandmother, I dream that she’s alive but I haven’t seen her or been to visit her or anything in a long time – like I’ve been too busy or too selfish to spend time with her. In my dreams, I always know that she won’t be alive much longer, and it hurts because I think of all of the things I could have done with her, had I only made the time… :frowning:

I had the weirdest dream of my life the other night. I challenge someone to seek meaning in this one.

I was in my house, and I had a sliced onion in my pocket. This onion was the next Dali Lama. Yup, that’s right. The sliced onion was the Dali Lama, and I had to protect it. There were bad Buddhist Mafia guys coming to the door trying to get it from me, and I had to defend it using my Chef’s Knife. Good thing I had just bought a new 10" Chef’s Knife!

So I defend my sliced onion/Dali Lama, and at one point run across the street to my neighbor’s house and rush in there, thinking it was safer in there. I went to an upstairs room, and looked out the window. I could see a bunch of balls of pastel colored light, which I knew were the Good Buddhist guys coming to get the sliced onion/Dali Lama. They showed up, I gave 'em the onion, end of dream.

By far, this was the #1 strangest thing I’ve ever dreamed. Sliced onion = Dali Lama?!? WTF?

pounds head on table

Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama

continues to pound…

Well, this one isn’t quite as odd as some of the others, but it is rather odd in its own special way. While I was napping this afternoon, I had a dream I was having sex with Omniscient. Now, sex dreams are not all that uncommon for me, but why that particular individual popped up I really can’t say–I’ve never spoken to the man and have barely interacted with him on the boards. It’s a mystery.

Maybe you misunderstood and it was the Deli Lama.

Simetre, i am like jealous you can pretty much control your dreams. It’s been a dream of mine (ha ha, i so funny), for a long time.

Anyway, most of my weird dreams just dont make sense. Or, they’ll be what should be nightmares, but never scare me (I just dont seem to get nightmares anymore). One like that that I remember goes like this…

I’m in a dark dungeon like place, i can see light here and there along the walls and floor, and along this dungeon (it has this low arched, brick ceiling and walls), there are doors. I find myself at the door of this one cell. Strung across the door is thin twine (kind of running along pulleys or metal rings imbedded in the door), and at the end of the string, in the place where the latch would have a lock is a thin stick. I’m trying to keep this stick in, in order to prevent a psychopath from escaping. He’s succeeding because a demon behind me is attempting to distract me. The psychopath gets the door open, and I bolt. Suddenly, scattered along this dungeon are dead people, blue skinned (like Japanese ghosts), blank eyed, and splattered with blood. Oddly I am not at all afraid here, just pissed off that i failed.

Anyway, it was quite odd. Even my erotic dreams are odd ( but damn good, and always involve two guys at least). I’ll also have dreams that happen in just ordinary places, but things just arent quite right. I remember one dream involving people from the board happened at Democritus’ place, which as soon as I got to it, turned into a pizzeria, where there were dopers, but not really anyone I knew. I knew it was a party, but things just didnt quite work out, and I left. That was about it.

i had a dream where my sister told me it was friday the 13th and not to go to the cemetary cos she was worried…

the thing is…i am taking my new found friends to the cemetary tomorrow night (friday) to scare them(he he he…evil laugh)…its a shame it isn’t friday the 13th tho…

spook hill rules!!..

You know Doob, I remember reading a couple of techniques that are supposed to help you be able to do this. I’ve never tried them, I’ve always just been able to do it, but it might work for you. You could probably do some minimal research and find the books that the techniques were in. But, I read so much in any given day, and I have so many books, it would take me forever to find it.

Anyway, one of the things I specifically remember was that you had to start writing down your dreams every morning in a journal when you woke up. Writing down as much as you could remember. Eventually, you’re supposed to find that you start remembering more and more of and about your dreams. To the point where you’re eventually able to understand you’re dreaming. Which is really all I do. I just “know” that I’m dreaming.

I don’t know. Might wanna try it.

On another note, I’m jealous that you are able to have erotic dreams. I just can’t do this. Something about my subconscious mind will not allow me to have any kind of sexual contact in my dreams. It keeps throwing up obstacles that never let me get any. Quite frustrating when I was a teenager… just kind of a nuisance now.

I’ve read about the writing things down too. But being lazy i never did it. I guess if I truly want it to happen, i should start.

Anyway, my erotic dreams arent too common, but when they happen, good god are they good. I’ll often have erotic dreams that dont end in sex, but get up to the point where sex may happen but something occurs so sex doesnt happen. Like, for instance, last semester I had one of a guy in one of my classes who I find attractive. In it, i was in a bathroom, and so was he. The shower stall where he was showering had a large gap at the bottom, so anyone could look up under it. So, i attempt to look under it to see him all nekkid, but suddenly there’s a light or something that obscures my view of him whenever I attempt it.

Most of the erotic ones begin in lockeroom or communal bathroom type places, for some reason. What this says about me, i have no clue.

When I’m dreaming, sometimes I’ll realize that it’s a dream. When this happens, instead of doing what I wish I could do, and controlling everything that happens in the dream, suddenly I have an irresistable urge to get out of the dream and wake myself up. It gets to the point where I’m seriously afraid that I’ll never wake up, or something. And controlling what happens in the dream doesn’t seem to do anything, it just makes me feel more anxious to get out of the dream because I realize that none of it is real.

At least once, I thought I woke myself up, but then realized I was still in a dream, and then I got really pissed off and started fighting like crazy to wake myself up. (Kind of like in The Cell, except she didn’t try to get out.)

But, if I finally do wake myself up, most of the time I’m completely paralyzed. Has anyone else had this happen? I’m sure there’s some scientific term for it. I’ll be able to see, and sort of think clearly, but it’s like my conscious brain still hasn’t kicked in, and I can’t move anything except maybe my eyes. It’s an odd feeling.

I saw a TV show where they isolated a chemical that surpresses muscular reactions, so that people don’t act out what they dream about. Supposedly sleepwalkers lack this chemical. I’m guessing I still have some of it in my system when I wake myself up from dreams. (In the show, they took out the chemical from some sleeping cats, and they started batting at invisible mice. It was weird.)

Eventually I get all my feeling back, but it takes a while, and it’s a bit frustrating, because at first, I can just move my eyes (at least I’m assuming…to tell you the truth, my mind is kind of hazy, like I’m still dreaming, so I can’t remember if I’m moving them or not.)

Probably the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me in a dream is “sintilixymus.” What’s that? I have no idea. I just had a dream, with the word “sintilixymus” in it. What exactly happened in the dream? I don’t even remember. And, in fact, I would’ve forgotten the word altogether had I not (hint hint) written it down immediately after waking up. What does sintilixymus mean? I have no idea. I need to find some etomologist so I can figure out what it WOULD mean. For all I know, it’s the meaning of life. (And, yes, I’m POSITIVE it is spelled “sintilixymus.” And pronounced “SIN-tuh-LIX-ih-MUS.” Trust me, I just know.)

I was going to say more, but I’m already rambling about totally useless information, and the other information is kind of unnecessary (or maybe I’ll just post it later.)

I believe it’s called “sleep paralysis”.