My earholes are a bit bigger now! (And I need advice)

So I moved my ear piercings up to 12g last night. They were at 14 for forever. I’m wanting to get some flesh tunnels, where you can tell what they are, because I had some 14g ones, and they were hilariously… umm… what is that in your ear?

So, at 10 or below (I don’t want to go past 10), can you tell what flesh tunnels are?

Yes, I can tell what they are: a desperate cry for attention. :wink:

It’s not even worth it to get tunnels that tiny. I think 8g is the smallest tunnels can be without looking completely ridiculous. Even plugs below 10g are kind of stupid looking.

I also thought I wanted to stop around 10g, but now I have 2g lobes. You just kind of realize that your piercing is still pretty small, and you just want it a little bigger…

I… I have never, ever understood this.

I mean, earrings are kind of weird already – hello, I stuck little holes in my skin to hang ornaments from! – but as my ears were pierced when I was 7, I went with it.

I just don’t understand the appeal of having huge holes in your earlobes. I guess I look at most body-modification as “Will I look ridiculous wearing an evening gown or a business suit and this?” Can you explain it? I’m honestly curious.

Congrats on getting your ears the way you like them, though! :slight_smile:

Why waste your time with tunnels? Automotive wheel center caps come in sizes ranging from an inch and a half to about 6 inches and are available with many cool designs . Bling Bling ! :stuck_out_tongue:

So do your tunnels smell bad? I hear tunnels smell bad.

May I tell you a terrible, yet funny story?

Oh, good!

So, this guy I knew when I lived in another state had plugs in his ears. He knew a guy that had really really big ones (I don’t know the size, sorry), and had spent quite a long time getting them that way, and was pretty proud of them.

This guy was in a terrible car accident one day. When he woke up, the ER doctors had sewn his earholes shut. See, there were all these lacerations, and there was a bunch of blood, and the impact had forced the plugs out of his ears … and they just didn’t know.

I think the big ear thingies are sort of silly, and I’d never do it myself, but I did feel bad for the guy. For the record, I think the doctors felt bad, too.

My stretched peircings are pretty subtle. Most people don’t notice unless they’re very close or particularly observant. I have no desire to take them any larger, but I can understand how some people do.

Also, I hardly ever wear evening gowns, but when I do, my synthetic opal plugs look lovely (I also wear them with jeans and a t-shirt). There’s a wide variety of pretty nice jewelry out there, including the bling eyelets that I can’t quite bring myself to buy ($115!).

I have also had complete lack of success in trying to fathom this style. Or whatever you call it. I used to have a navel ring, but I think a good argument could be made that those are cute, or sexy, or whatever. But really large holes in your ears? They look so…I don’t know, icky. Gross. Unnatural. What is the point?

I dunno. Stretched piercings seem like one of the Last Taboos in body modification (along with face tattoos, corset piercings and weird implants). When I see them, I have a tendency to think that the wearer is showing some individuality - unlike the rest of us sheep with our ankle tattoos and tongue rings.

They’re so hard to clean without taking out. :confused:

Just be thankful you don’t live here in Boston - Mitt Romney might order your tunnels closed, too.

I have a friend who has had in flesh tunnels since about 10g, and they, frankly, looked really bad. Anything smaller than a 4g tunnel looks rather stupid to me, since at that point the tunnels arent any larger than pinholes.

I also intended to stop stretching my ears at a 10g, but then I found these awesome titanium captive ball rings. So now I have in 6g purple and blue cbr’s for almost a year. They don’t look like they are stretched, and rarely do people even notice them.

Sorry to double post, but have you thought about flare plugs? They are much thinner than flesh tunnels, and make the hole look bigger than the tunnels do.

I used solid until I got to a 2 guage… and then an changed back to solid. I have 2 guage SS rings now… much more effective looking then plugs.

I got mine pierced at 14g about 6 years ago, then I had to take them out for school and work, so eventually they healed back over. Every now and then I’d put normal size studs in, but for the most part they were healed over. Then I got the urge to start wearing earrings again…except this time I got the urge to wear plugs. 8g seemed a little too big, so I went with 10. Ordered needles and jewelry online, and a week ago, I repierced them*.

10g plugs look pretty good, but if they were any smaller they’d look laughable.
I honestly can’t imagine a tunnel looking good at anything below 6g. If you’re gonna go the tunnel route, then you’ve got a long road of stretching ahead of you. Good luck, though!

*It should be noted that I in no way endorse self-piercing, unless you really know what the hell you’re doing. Mistakes can lead to infections, and infections are a bad thing.

Those bling eyelets are freaking pretty.

I love the look of stretched lobes on some people. :slight_smile: I have a friend with some awesome swirly plug thingies, and they look great on her. Wouldn’t do it for myself, though, I’m too used to going to Claire’s (stop laughing!) and picking up a pair of random earrings for $5 whenever I get sick of the ones I’m wearing. I’m a cheapy-cheapy kind of person! :stuck_out_tongue:

That friend had tiny flesh tunnels when she was first stretching her ears, too, and I didn’t think they looked bad. Couldn’t really tell they were tunnels, though, they just kind of looked like studs unless you got up really close. Sometimes she’d hang regular earrings in the tunnel if she was hankering for some dangling. It looked good, and you would have had to have been paying way too much attention to even notice what was going on.