My encounter with an Atlanta Police Officer

Getting directions wasn’t the surprise - it was that the cop was willing to walk a block and a half with the OP to a transit station to find a map.

And cute babies!

10 to 1 it was coincidentally on the route to a pastry shop.

I missed my chance !!!

I missed my chance !!!

( one for each baby. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: )

Take them to Centennial Olympics Park tomorrow to frolic in the water. I’ll be the corpulent man with stringy gray hair and a greasy " I Voted For Cecil Adams " t-shirt sitting on the bench eating cheddar popcorn.

Every neighbourhood, sometimes every block, in Tokyo has little police stations (called “koban”) where there are usually 2-3 officers at all times. Tokyo police spend a great deal of their time giving directions (which is not surprising, given how damned difficult it is to find most places). I’ve even had to ask a police officer at 4AM for directions, when a taxi driver abandoned me some blocks from the place I wanted to be.

Its far too little/ too late to say, but I’ve always wanted to go back to Atlanta. If you get the chance, the cable-car trip to the top of Stone Mountain is neat. I remember the waitresses being so amazing there that my coffee cup seemed to refill as if by magic …

See, now that’s how a perfect world would work.
Cop: “Is that a pouch of weed there on your passenger seat?”
Motorist: “Uh, yeah … Want some?”
Cop: “Sure, why not?”

That’s a bit of a trek for a weekday expedition with the boys by myself, but if you’ll be in town for another day or more, email me if you want to try to work something out.

A cop convention is what I figured when I encountered a couple of Kentucky State Troopers at the Dunkin Donuts in Crystal City. When I asked where 'bouts in Kentuckty they’re from, about a dozen more uniformed officers strolled by.

“Why? Is it going to change again?”