my ever caring girlfriend

You know I’m awake at this hour, usually perusing messagebopards such as this so I’m always pleased when you call me as it provides a welcome distraction from the internet.

BUT not when you’re obviously blind drunk, with hiccups telling me how you’re stranded with your friend miles from home.
WHY is this my problem? You know I dont have a car, your friend does but of course she has to get smashed like you so she cant drive. I’d pay for a cab but you wouldnt anyway as you know you’d never pay me back as you never have enough money for anything important like transport or my birthday, which was months ago BECAUSE YOU SPEND IT ALL ON DRINK AND CLOTHES AND MAKE UP.

YOU planned to walk home did you? Despite the fact it’s like 12 miles?

And now you’ve gone to sleep in some random guy’s house who you met at the place you were drinking, a rugby club.
YOU KNOW how insecure I feel about how you dated the captain of rugby at the boy’s school when we broke up before, why go drinking in a rugby club, get stranded and then RING ME UP TO TELL ME YOU’RE STAYING IN A RUGBY PLAYER’S DOUBLE BED?

Of course you’ll be sleeping with your friend, not any rugby players.
I dont need to stay up worrying about you, sort your life out. I’m sick of talking to you on the phone as you walk home, pissed, because you’re scared because you’re on your own.
I’m sick of worrying about what you get up to when you’re so blind drunk, it was bad enough when you went away with your girlfriends to some sleazy greek island and hearing about all the blokes your mates were pulling and the amount of booze you were all necking.

I trust you but you make it bloody hard to do so sometimes.

Dude - I know you didn’t ask for advice and were blowing off steam, but dump this one asap. There is nothing positive you will get out of this relationship.

Yeah, I see no future for this relationship.

There isnt one anyway, shes movng away to university in september but I still want to be with her.
She likes me far more than I like her but she seems completely incapable of caring about my feelings a lot of the time.
I dont know.

I’m generally the last person to give relationship advice, but if your girlfriend is calling you drunk, at 2 in the morning, from the house of random strangers she’s meeting in bars… Well, that’s BIG OL’ WARNING SIGN right there. Run, Forrest, run!

You know if she really liked you more than you liked her, she might care about your feelings.

You know it’s doomed, she knows it’s doomed, we know it’s doomed, get out while you still can.
I can only see this heading towards a world of hurt.

The more you suffer, The more it shows you really care, Right?

I’m sorry, but run- run like the wind, my friend.

Heheh. Yeah, right.

That song popped right into my head too.

Somewhere there’s a rugby player thinking: “boyfriend? Man,what a sucker”

Walk don’t run.

run, don’t walk. i think would be better suited.

Even if she’s not shagging a rugby player right now cough, and ignoring the fact that she sounds like a total flake, it’s obvious that you two don’t enjoy the same activities, as evidenced by the fact that you’re home posting to this board while she’s out partying with friends.

It’s really best if you break up sooner, rather than later.

I’d reccomend that the next time you’re together, give her the most tremendous orgasm she’s ever had, pull out all the stops. Then, as soon as you’re done, tell her it’s over…

Classic chickenhead, kick her ass to the curb.

Hey sweety I’m a woman and I say run away!! Run away!! get the FUCK out of there before she catches something YOU regret!

I’m a Rugby player and have entertained woman who wish to sleep over after a night of drink. I’m here to assure you that this is an absolutely platonic situation. No worries. :dubious:

Yeah - a serious dose of the clap will have you wishing you’d dumped her slutty ass loooooooooong ago.

An Arky’s suggestion has merit. Better yet, however, would be to get her to give you the most tremendous orgasm you’ve ever had. The rest of the advice is sound.

Really, there just has to be someone out there who has all of this girl’s good points, but who will not run around getting wrecked and ringing you up to let you know whose bed she’s sleeping in.

What Achilles said.

How big of a flashing neon-lit billboard sign blinking “Run away! Run away!” do you need? She’s bad news. Dump her, find someone else. Sure it could take a few months, but you will find someone. You just gotta do it.