My eyeballs are vibrating!

I decided to make some iced coffee, and it was goooooooooooooood, so I made some more. Did I mention, I don’t drink coffee in the summer, and it usually takes me an hour to finish a cup? I just had the equivelent of 4 cups disquised as a cold frosty treat.

Hold still, let me lick them.

No no no no NO! THIS! is how your post should look and read after celebrating “Way Too Much Caffeine! Day”! My personal favorite holiday, by the way. In fact, EVERY day is my personal holiday! Heh. Mebbe I’ll bring some iced coffee to work tomorrow.
IIIIII dddddecciiiddddeeeeed tttoooooo maakkkke sssoommmmmmee iiccedddd ccoooofffffffffeeeee, aanndd iitttt wwwasss ggggooooooooooooooooooooooodddd, ssoo II mmaaddeeee sssoommmmeeeee more… DDDDDDiidd II mmmeenntttiiiooooon, III dddooon’’’’’’’’'ttttt ddrrriinnnnkkkk ccoofffffffffeee iinn the ssssuuuuuummeeerr, aannnnnd iittttt uussssuuaallyyyyy ttttttaaakkeeeees mmeeeee aann hour ttoooooo ffiiniiiiisshh aaaaaa ccccccccccccccccccupp??? II jjjuussssst hhaaaaddd ttheeeeeeee eeeqquiivvvvvvvvveellentttt offff 44 cuuuuuuppssss diiiiiisqqqqqqquuiiiisssseddddd assssss aa cold fffrooossssssty trrrrrrrreaaaaatt…

Of course, that also looks like you’ve had decaf with a double dose of Sominex…

I once took 4 caffine tablets and downed them along with 2 cans of Red Bull. And a double vodka.

My eyeballs were vibrating too. :smiley:

So, can I, like, sit on your face?

I haven’t had any coffee today, and I’ve got a headache. I think I’ve now got a "four cup a day " monkey on my back. :frowning:

My SO would occasionally make me one of these in the morning before I went to work:

1 - 48oz insulated cup (lid required)
4 - shots of expresso
Hot chocolate to fill the rest of the cup
Additional flavoring of your choice (raspberry, carmel and vanilla all work well)
Whipped cream

Assemble all the ingredients in the cup, hand to Tastes of Chocolate, and laugh everytime I call to tell you that I can’t sit still.

Pros: Yummy
I can get a full days work done in 5 hrs
Also good cold if you can’t finish it while it’s still hot.

Cons: By 2 in the afternoon, I’m crashing as all the sugar wears off, which is offset by the increased work speed in the morning.