My face is on the cover of a sci fi novel

A few years back, my pal Emily Devenport (also known in the publishing world as Maggy Thomas) wrote a novel called Larissa. She had little input as to the cover illustration, except for the warrior’s clothes. Imagine her/our surprise when the book came out and the gal on the cover has a face which looks an awful lot like…mine!
It’s a coincidence, yes, but a rather amusing one. And no, I do not normally–or even abnormally–dress like this!
(But only because it probably wouldn’t go over too well in front of a college class.) :smiley:

Having spent many years of my working life in front of college classes, I’d think it would go over quite well! But they would not take good notes, the days you wore that outfit. :smiley:

Just in case you do dress like that for your lectures, please let us male Dopers know so we can, um, audit the class.

Welllll…the weather is heating up, so I may have to rethink my position on what to wear in front of the little darlings. :wink:

Damn! I’m in the wrong university!

How you doin’?

Hey! I have an outfit just like that!

[sup]Um… nevermind…[/sup]

Zounds! Whaddya teach? Medieval booty kickin’?

I don’t teach it, but I will certainly inflict it when I start receiving plagiarized research papers over the next few weeks! :smiley:

Oops, I see now that the question was not directed to me. Oh well…the answer still holds true!

Colour me boggled. I have all three of those books! Reread them fairly frequently, too. (Except Shade, which I lent out and never got back.:mad: )

Saaaaayyyyyy, with your connections, ol’ friend, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal - you wouldn’t know if there’s any more books planned in that universe, eh? I found myself left hanging wondering about the backstory - how the animalheads came to be and why they are in the position they are in, and what, exactly, are they planning to do about it?

I mean, in Shade, you get the most hints that Something Is Up, but the other two don’t really follow through.

Care to drop a hint?

Nope, Viva, you read it right. I was just wondering why none of my professors looked and dressed like that. My professors looked like they were from The Paper Chase and not a Van Halen video. :frowning:

Ah, well, I can’t say as I remember…but if you are looking for more of Em’s books, try looking for her by her new pen name, Maggy Thomas.
Her husband is SF writer Ernest Hogan, btw. His latest,
Smoking Mirror Blues , is pretty wild–like all his work.

Sorry I wasn’t more helpful.

One more note to Tisiphone: E and E will inform me via email if they have anything else in the works…I’ll try to remember it and post it, if you want.