My fantasy restaurant: Black-Thai Affair

For years I’ve thought I’d like to open a Thai and Soul Food fusion restaurant. I would call it “Black-Thai Affair.” Of course, it’ll never happen, mainly because I have no money, no business acumen and no idea how to cook Soul food or Thai, but that doesn’t stop me from constantly thinking up possible menu concoctions.

Some combinations that have crossed my mind lately:
-Spring Rolls dipped in Frank’s Hot Sauce
-Pad Thai with collard greens
-Curry duck mac & cheese
-Coconut milk corn bread with cucumber butter
-Hot sour soup with black-eyed peas
-Fried chitterlings with basil and curry
Anything you’d like to add? Aside from how totally bitching you think this idea is, of course.

Boy do I have a location for you! There’s a spot just around the corner that has failed twice as a Thai place AND twice as a soul food joint.

On second thought, maybe it’s not that great of a location. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but how many times have they failed as a Soul Food-Thai place?

If it’s less than 2, then we might be on to something!

I have always wanted to open a small, discrete bar on Capitol Hill, with no signage for the political cognoscenti, called “The Hidden Agenda”.

For your restaurant, if you later add sushi or an extensive seafood offering, you could call it “Black Thai and Tails”.

As a white southerner I must say you have it all wrong menu wise.

That sounds like a plain ole Southern Thai place to me. I take it they serve sweet ice tea, not tea you can you add your own sugar to at the table (because it’s not the same damnit!).

BTW I laughed at the OP.

PS. You gotta do sumptin with okra!

I am going to open up a Vietnamese/Soul food place right across the street from you. I am going to call it Sum Mo Pho

Ho Dat Phat perhaps?

U Phuc Dup!:smiley:

I’ve always wanted to open a Korean / Soul food fusion restaurant called Seoul Food but I like your idea better,** Happy Lendervedder**

Some cursory Googling turns up at least two restaurants with the name Black Thai, but they don’t appear to have taken the Black part quite as literally as the OP has.

This thread is already on the first page of hits though, so maybe some entrepreneur will take the idea and run with it.

On second thought, how about a Black Russian?

It shouldn’t be too hard to keep it from being combined with other bars.

I always thought it would be a hoot to open a place called Checkpoint Charlie’s on the Berlin Turnpike in Berlin Connecticut. Unfortunately only old cold warriors would get the joke :frowning:

Good german beer house cooking in one dining room, and the strange cold war stodgy soviet cooking in the other, with a secret menu of really opulent stuff like caviar and champagne that you have to know about to ask for. Dress the waitstaff on the west german side in typical clothing - jeans, tshirts and the ones on the east german side in an adult version of the Young Pioneers uniforms [more for the flavor of uniform instead of putting them into actual military or police uniforms]

I like the concept, and I’m not an old cold warrior. And aside from the fact I really dislike German cuisine, and strange stodgy Soviet cooking, I’d totally go there!

I suppose I could find you some 80s vintage MREs … :smiley:

Now we’re talking! Could we rename the place Checkpoint Victor Charlie’s, and have the MREs be Vietnamese-German fusion? I’m totally into this fusion idea right now. Maybe some freeze-dried Weissewurst pho.

I’m buying the lot nex to you to compete with you folks. Mine’s gonna be Korean BBQ and southern food and I’m calling it Seoul Food.
Dammit, beaten to it!

This is a totally bitching idea, and really not that far-fetched. In northern Thailand they are very fond of fried pork rinds dipped in various things (including a yummy pork-and-tomato sauce), and that fits your idiom right there (in fact, meals assembled from random bits of pig seem to be very popular).

(This reminds me of an awesome, awesome restaurant in Bangkok called Soul Food Mahanakorn, where the “soul food” refers to Thai comfort food, basically some of the favorite street-food recipes out there. Tiny little place but the food and cocktails are to die for.)


Or you could go to the Lao-Thai Kitchen in Albany, Ca.

There’s a street in Macon called Guy Paine that I just know needs a Chinese take away called Moo Goo Guy Paine.

I LOL’d :smiley: