My father was contacted by Publishers Clearing House???

He received a call today telling him he didn’t win the grand prize but a smaller prize and wanted to make sure he would be home tomorrow for the van and cameras.

I wasn’t aware they gave you advance notice. The ph# they left is in the 516 area code which is correct and the voice mail is very high energy with a name of Jeremy Lomax.

I tried googling the name and # but no hits.

I will post the outcome

Is the second part of the phone number 767, 883, or 944?

Scammity scam SCAM.

My guess is he’ll get a phone with some lame reason as to why they couldn’t come and asking him for ‘tax’ or ‘processing fees.’ Or someone will show up and rob him to his face. Either way, make sure they get no further personal information and try to get him to tape any further phone calls.


Right he said he did not give any account info to them and he did not give his ss# to them.

The tools I have access to do show the # as being in NY and a landline.

You can get in touch with PCH itself and ask for confirmation/denial of your dad winning anything. I have no idea if they divulge info of the sort but going to the legit source seems like a good step.

Did he enter a PCH contest?

Yes I could but I believe they are closed now and tomorrow is when they are allegedly coming.

This is for email scams specifically, but at least it has a phone number:

“If you believe you have received a suspicious e-mail that bears our name or logo, please forward it to our fraud reporting mailbox,, and contact us immediately at our toll free number (800) 645 - 9242. We will be happy to confirm whether the communication is from the real Publishers Clearing House.”

Yep closed now

I’m sure he as at one point.

If your father is near you, be there with a friend or two. If you can’t make it, try to arrange for friends to be there. Tell them what you suspect, and that your father is not to give money and/or any personal information to these folks. It is not enough that your father knows what to do-this is a potentially dangerous situation, and he should not be alone.

We live in the same house. I was taking a half day off but now I’m going to take the full day off. I called the # from Isamu and they said that PCH doesn’t call in advance and that they would leave an 800 # so my scam meter is pegged at 98%

Only half in jest … Call the local TV station and ask if they want to be there to film a scam going down. Might be fun.

Better yet call the police so they can catch someone defrauding people if they feel there is a scam going down.

It is a great big scam. My grandparents got the same call- when you talk to them, they then ask that you front the cash for delivery. All to be refunded at a later date. And if you haven’t got the money to write them a check? No problem, as they can clear everything up a lot faster if you give them a credit card number to ‘release the funds’.

And the police are not much interested, as the call may actually come from overseas.

Any update?

Must be too busy shopping!

Bumpity bump bump.

So what happened? Don’t leave us hanging!

Curious as well…