My favorite Chicago song got cut off again

I’m not a big fan of the group Chicago. They have made some good songs through the years and some really sappy crap songs. But they recorded one of my all-time faves. The end portion of “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” is one of the rockin’est, horn blastin’ tunes I’ve ever heard (I really dig rock’n’roll horn sections). The radio stations around here routinely cut off that section of the song. I guess because I ususally catch it on the “adult contemporary’ station and the programmers think the heads of “grown-ups” might explode if they hear good music. Well, F**K YOU radio station programming meatheads! Play the whole song or never play the damn thing! And really sucky part is that the first part of this song is pretty much one of the sappy craptacular 'hits” I dislike. So I sit through the dreck waiting for the good stuff, and they fade out as it’s just getting good. Bastards.

And a post-script, I really hate it that most stations talk through the beginning of songs, usually until the singing starts. Thus, a note to song writers: start the lyrics RIGHT AWAY.

I feel better, carry on.

That’s always bugged me too, D*2. That’s the best part of the whole damn song.

Top this, tho: There’s a radio station here that cuts out the whole second verse of The Eagles’ “Lyin’ Eyes”; the verse about the boy on the other side of town.

It bugs the crap outta me when radio stations edit songs. Either play it like it was recorded, or don’t play it. (Maybe I should pit 'em.)

You can tell a quality radio station by whether you can hear the birds tweet at the end of “Layla”. If they cut that off or start talking, they suck.

As for Chicago - the song “25 or 6 to 4” has one of the best “wah-wah” guitar solos I’ve ever heard.

Actually, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” is kind of a two part song, the second part is called “Hold On.” On the various greatest hits collections the two songs are always grouped together.

Some radio stations also omit the 2nd verse of Dire Stratis’ Money for Nothing because of some politically incorrect language.

Minor nitpick - the second part of Hard to Say I’m Sorry is titled Get Away. And I agree it rocks. In fact, 16 (the album containing this song) is, IMHO, Chicago’s last solid album. They had some more good songs after this album (if you like ballads), but they lost whatever edge they still had after 16.

Big fan of the early Chicago. But 7 was the last decent album, released in 1974.

Chicago isthe victim of the worst editing in the history of rock. The 15 minute Ballet for a Girl in Buchanon was cut down to the barely 3 minute Make Me Smile

Actually Make Me Smile is almost 5 minutes long. 4:40 to be exact. And it’s a pretty kickass song, at least to me. I’ve been listening to it all day! That and Saturday In The Park.

Also, since most AM stations playing “Sultans of Swing” would be extremely rude and talk over the ending guitar solo, Mark Knopler and the boys recorded a special AM radio version of the song. It’s available, AFAIK, only as a DJ promo single (which I just happen to have :D). The backing track is mostly the same, but Mark’s guitar work and vocals are different. Best way to tell? In the last verse, Mark says “Goodnight, thank you, now it’s time to go home…” and the guitar solo at the end fades out faster. The “thank you” is not on the original LP edit.

“Ballet for a Girl in Buchanon” is technically a suite of songs, so it’s perfectly legitimate to pull out one for airplay. It’s really no different from playing “Pinball Wizard” outside of “Tommy.”

I did get amused when my local FM station first played “Thick as a Brick” and cut it down to five minutes. (Technically, this could be a suite, too, only they took bits from all different parts of it)

Terry Kath was a very good soloist. And early Chicago rocks hard.