My Favorite Christmas Song for 2003 (Information Request Too)...

It may sound corny. But every Christmas, a song comes along that really strikes a chord with me. Then I spend a short while trying to get it, whatever the time or cost. But I am always glad when I finally do. Last year, the song that I really liked was “Where Are You Christmas?” as sung by Faith Ford. It had an interesting story behind it. The lady at FYE told me it was from the?/a? Grinch Who Stole Christmas movie (something I have no intention of ever seeing–sorry.)

This year, the song that really touched me the most was “Grown Up Christmas List”. The lady at FYE let me listen to some versions, and I didn’t hesitate to buy the Kelly Clarkson from American Idol version. It cost a little more, but it was worth it, trust me (she has a surprisingly powerful voice for such a little woman). When I told me father that Natalie Cole has a version on her Christmas medley, my father ran out the next day to FYE to buy it, apparently being a big fan of Natalie Cole (actually, I think Cole does another very good version of it).

When I did a google search on the song, I was surprised to see it appeared on an Amy Grant Christmas album from 1992. Granted I don’t always buy all of Grant’s albums. But I really like her voice, and I was surprised I never heard of her singing this song. Does anyone know the very first person to sing this song? I’m correct in assuming it was Amy Grant, aren’t I? Was it associated with any movie (I’m assuming not, but it seems worth asking)? Who wrote it, who sung it first? Has anyone else sung it?

Thanking whoever helps me in advance:) , JB

I’m sorry, that’s “Where Are You Christmas” as sung by Faith Hill.

Grown-Up Christmas List -
By David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner

Copyright 1990

Recorded by Amy Grant in 1992