My favorite McSweeney's article (thus far)

Play-by-Play of Classic Sports Rivalries If the Team Names Actually Represented the Combatants. And Also, Instead of Playing the Sport, They’re Fighting to the Death.

I love absurdist humor.

The site’s main page.

Is anyone else a fan of this place?

Right here. I think the essay that I was first introduced to was about how many 12 year olds somebody could beat up. The recent cookie monster one was good too.

I always forget about it until someone links to one of their genius articles.

Two responses already. This thread is going gangbusters. Gangbusters, I say!

I’m currently making my way through their Lists section, so all of my links in this post will be from there. They make good lists.

Replacing Bunnies With Bastards
Comments Overheard at a Brainstorming Meeting Between Ted Nugent and the Editors of Gourmet Magazine Where They Were Discussing the Upcoming Book Gourmet Magazine’s Vegan Cooking With Ted Nugent

UNIX Application or Outlawed Paramilitary/Guerrilla Organization?
Potential Names of TV Shows Taken from Every Other Word of the Preamble of the US Constitution, And on What Networks Those Shows Might Appear

Music Industry Trends Not Yet Overexposed

Signs on the Lawns of People Whose Lawns You May Want to Avoid

Pattern Options for Scrubs in the Jasco Uniform Company Catalog

I’ve seen issues of Jasco, and they really are that bad.

[Quotes from the Movie “Jaws” in Which “shark” Is Replaced by “Jimmy Page”]