My feet are so weird. What about yours?

This is about as mundane and pointless a thread as I can manage.

At first glance, my feet seem normal. My second toe is longer than my big toe, but otther than that, no apparent oddities. However, in the last week I’ve realized three weird things about my feet.

  1. Without even knowing I do this, when I’m lying down with my legs bent at the knee and my feet flat on the ground, I automatically tuck my second (and longest) toe under my foot. My physical therapist freaked out when he saw this and said, “Oh my god, are you missing a toe?!?” Nope, it’s just tucked under the ball of my foot, though upon examination it really does look like I have no toe. I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

Apparently I do it a lot, because tonight one of my friends also noticed and commented on it. Again, had no idea I was doing it. I asked my friends to all try to do it and none of them could. :confused: They said it hurt to even try. Can any of you do it?

I can also roll my toes to make a loud snapping sound on the ground and can do other tricks with my second toe, like cross it over my big toe. What the hell is that? Can any of you do any of these things? Of all the pointless talents a person can have, this must be the lamest.

  1. My heels are peeling and they have been all summer. I don’t go barefoot and I wear open shoes all the time. I’ve been using a pumice stone, razor blades, heavy duty special foot moisturizer every morning, Kerasal every night, but they still peel. The skin cracks and just comes off in strips, whether I screw with them or leave them alone. They don’t ooze or smell or anything, but they do bleed when the skin cracks too far. It hurts. Do anyone else’s feet have this problem? How have you solved it?

  2. For the first time this summer, I wore shoes that tie on. I just got these cool boots and it was pretty cold out, so I put them on. I guess I tied them too tightly, because when I took 'em off, I had hives on the tops of my feet. This has happened before, but by now it’s just overload on the foot weirdness.

Anyone else have weird feet?

Well I have ‘roman toes’, plus several of my toes are kinked kinda like I broke them and they didn’t heal straight (the ones I know I broke aren’t like that, the others I’m pretty sure I didn’t break but I don’t know).

But the weirdest thing (IMHO) is that on my left foot the 2nd and 3rd toe from the inside do not touch. On my right foot I can kinda close my toes so there are no gaps between them, but on my left the 2nd and 3rd toe refuse to touch. It’s like they hate each other or something.

The division between my second and third toes (on both feet) is not as distinct as it might be. My mom calls it “Siamese toes.” She has it too.

I have hammertoes on both feet, a really thick nail on my right big toe from a botched surgery, and what I can only describe as age spots on both feet even though I’m only 22.

My feet are pretty damn ugly, even as feet go.

Able to cross my toes? Yep.
Toe-knuckle cracking? Ohhhh yeah.
Funky suntan from wearing Birkenstocks? Yep.

I also have what is apparently an unusual amount of hair on my feet and toes, enough so that a number of people have commented on it. I guess I need to find some hot chick who’s really into hobbits or something.

Back in college, I used to go barefoot all the time, and built up some amazing calluses–I could happily walk on broken glass. If I walked on a wooden or tile floor, my heels would make clicking noises because of the calluses.

I can pick just about anything up with my feet. I can even write my name with my feet. I’m so nifty. :smiley:

I have the total opposite of a foot fetish. I can’t stand the thought of touching somone elses feet. Feet are icky.

I don’t like for other people’s feet to touch me. It freaks me out. I do like to put my feet on people, though. I only do it if my feet are nice and clean, however, and if shoved or warned off, I stop.

Heh, my wife was amused by this very thing on my feet a few days ago.

I think feet in general are strange. A couple of years ago I sat on the couch with my feet out in front of me, on the coffeetable, and my arms extended with palms out, the backs toward me. I spent several minutes reflecting on the fact that they’re basically the same structure, but stretched and adapted for totally different purposes. Same bones, same muscles (approximately), same connection to the limb (again approximately), but one is a hugely deformed version of the other.

But here’s the thing: Is the hand a funky foot, or is the foot a funky hand?


I have that too! Also, my fifth toes are longer than my fourth toes, and my big toes are much bigger than they should be relative to the others. And the toenails on the fourth and fifth toes are much smaller than normal. These are some really ugly feet.

I also have the Birkenstock tan.

I can spread out the toes of my right foot like a fan, but not the left. (I can also only wiggle my right ear.)

My pinky toes are kinda bizarre, according to most people. There is hardly any nail and they’re naturally sort of squashed-looking.

My heels peel as well, though not that badly.

There might’ve been another doper with my problems that already posted. If so, I’m sorry, I didn’t read the thread. Anyway, my right foot is mutated. The two toes to the left of my pinky toe are fused together, or webbed, you could say. Thus, I spent at least one year of baseball being called Webber. Also on that foot, I had a bone spur right on the very top, which was painful when wearing certain shoes for extended periods of time. I got that operated on, though, so now I just have a very heavy scar (for some reason, I never just scar lightly) on the top of my foot.

Me too! Prehensile toes! It’s just so, ummmmm, well … “handy”!!

Also, my pinky toes are little more than nubs. Tiny, can’t move them, a couple more generations and my family will have evolved to not having them at all.

I will admit to having a bit of a foot fetish. Not of the sexual Iwannasucktoes, but I do have a “thing” about feet.

It drives me nuts when the second toe is longer than the big toe. My ex’s feet are like that and he used get his jollies by sticking his bony finger-like toes, with toe #2 about 3/4" longer than big toe in my face. LilMiss also has finger like toes which oogies me out.

My feet are relatively normal. I was born completely pigeon toed- wore braces on my feet for two years to twist my feet out. My pinkie toes used to curl under toe #4, so I spent one long summer taping my pinkie toes away from toes #4. My pinkie toes are still curved enough where I have been asked whether I have toenails at all. I do, but on my left pinkie toe it’s split. I have a lovely lawn jart scar just under toe #2 on the R foot (with accompanying exit would on the bottom of my foot). I prefer to be barefoot, so my feet are quite calloused. I get that taken care of when I have a pedicure, which is heaven on earth to me.

What interests me about feet is how heridity works- I look at LilMiss’s feet and they are a true combo of her dad’s and my feet. They’re big (at age 10, she wears an 8 1/2), as noted the has that second toe thing and her toes are relatively bony- except for her pinkie toes. She has my pinkie toes and overall foot shape.

I have hammertoes on both feet, but the right foot is much worse than the left. My mother (bless her) called it my fancy toe to try to make me less bothered by it. But, of course, other kids noticed and teasing ensued. It even continued into graduate school! But the worst part is that it restricts the shoes I can wear. No strappy sandals for me, my little toe would poke out over the straps. And even if it does stay in it’s place, it ruins the effect of the strappy shoes. Non-strappy shoes can be a problem too if they don’t stretch. In fact, all of my shoes have a stretched out bump where my little toe is on the right foot.

A podiatrist said it could be fixed, but that would require breaking and resetting it. Sexy shoes aren’t worth all that!I can’t believe I just said that…

I have good feet. My toes are nice and even, with the big toe being the longest. My feet are also very slender. I can’t wear shoes with an open back because they fall off.

I can also crack my toes (sometimes all at once) without touching them. I just stick out my foot, move my toes, and CRACK! I can’t crack my knuckles, but I’ve got toe-cracking down to an art.

I have hideous feet, and might have to have surgery, but I really am scared to do this. Have a medium bad bunion on my right foot, and a ba-ad one on the left.
The one on the left is so bad that my big toe is trying to be perpendicular to my “index” toe.
Bunion is such a nasty word. But it reminds me of onion, and it is almost as if i have large pearl onions on each of my pathetic feet.

My feet are fairly normal, except starting at my second toe, each toe curls under a little bit more than the last one. So if I’m standing up and looking straight down at my feet, I can’t see my pinkie nail at all and can only see part of the nail on the toe in front of it. My mom’s toes are the same way.

Oh and my dad has really funky toenails. His nails on the last 3 toes are so thick that I used to call them mountain toenails beacuse thats what they looked like, little miniature mountains on his toes.

I have extremly short toes. Like little dwarf toes. I can cross them, crack them, and write my name with them. One foot is also a size bigger then the other one. It’s a pain to get shoes, because one shoe is way to big/small and the other is the perfect size. It also looks weird and kinda throws off my balance. Ah well. Man. Feet are weird.

Feet are just weird and gross to me, anyway. Anybody’s feet! EWWW!
But I can do “Granny feet”. An homage to my granny, I can contort my feet to look just like hers. Weird and gross!

I think both hands and feet are funky paws. I think human feet a screwed because we haven’t quite gotten this whole standing upright thing down yet. My feet are extremely flat, and they hurt a lot if I stand up or walk too much. My brother was in the Marines infantry with the same problem, which led to severe knee problems and an early discharge. They just aren’t quite able to handle being at the bottom of this moving tower of flesh and bone.

I wonder if my brother can tuck his second toe completely under his feet…