My fellow Americans. Save fuel. a rant

I’ve heard that this president has told Americans to conserve gas by not driving there cars
but he has made 8 trips to the gulf region in 6? weeks.
Well here is what I’m thinking.
He’s told Americans by his example that if you are in trouble politically its alright to use
thousands of gallons of gas-aircraft fuel- per flight to make people think he cares about
their plight.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea for him to stay put and let the people living in that area know
his thoughts by a radio ot TV message?
Sure I know that most of those folks don’t have TVs or Radios that work but many more
would get his message than if he wastes the fuel to fly there and stop to talk to a few of
his cronies for a few hours and then fly back

Hear hear!

How about using thousands of gallons of jet fuel to hammer a nail?

Fewer, actually. Those who he sees in person might not watch the TV broadcast, but it’s going to be broadcast in either case. There won’t be any more people saying, “Hey, the President didn’t fly to NO this week; I’ll watch the news to see if he’s on.”

But I agree in principal with what you’re saying. A shocking waste of fuel. It’s, what, 20,000 gallons per trip for AF1, and he’s been there four times now? Yikes almighty.

Well, we’ve certainly discussed this topic endlessly on this board, so I will avoid going too indepth. That said, Bush is in a damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t situation.

Scenario 1: Bush goes down to NO X amount of times, does his photo ops and requisite presidential figure heading. He then gets told he is being a jerk by going down there because the area he is in has to be closed off, he can’t really do anything, and he’s wasting fuel.

Scenario 2: Bush sits in the White House and handles the hurricane. He does the speeches and meetings and photo ops. He then gets told he is a jerk for not really caring about Katrina; after all, how could he know what it’s like if he isn’t there?

I should note, I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with any of those points- I’m just showing the arguments that are always made.

That said, I think he had to make a few trips down to NOLA or people would have ripped him a new one. Has he exceeded what was necessary? Maybe. But he is the president and the president does have to fly in his jet. Among other things, it is a safety issue. Would you rather the president fly coach on American Airlines? Maybe Condaleeza and GW can carpool in a Prius? **
Let’s look at the Govanator here in California. How many Hummers does he own?
**I am just trying to be funny (although, probably poorly), not snarky :slight_smile:

Georgie can’t do anything right these days because the people all doubt his heart. If Inigo Montoya had a Katrina or a Rita a few months into his term he could get away with an initial address, “Something really bad went down in NOLA Monday” and motor on down there for a photo op powwow with the local leadership–knowing in advance that they were corrupt and incompetent ne’er do wells and give them some leadership while allowing them to appear in charge of their area. Of course, once the Habitat for Humanity/Corp of Engineers got to work with the reconstruction Inigo would make a second trip to see if the governor needed anything else. But then Inigo would pick up a pneumatic hammer at a building site and disappear among the construction workers for several days. President Inigo would be available at the end of 15 hour days of sweat & splinters, seen hoisting a beer…nay two with the laborers and leading spirit rousing songs around a bonfire surrounded by career framers, local residents and various members of his own recently appointed cabinet–all showing their will to drive nails and mould stock and stone into a dwelling worthy of the hardy souls who refuse to surrender their fair city to the elements!

The people would love me even as they hate Georgie boy. Rising gas prices would simply be understood and accepted as the result of a severely damaged oil port, and people would thank the million little gods that the OPEC members were terrified of my willingness to act in the best interest of my constituents in the event the oil producers determined to capitalize on our misfortune. Unemployed & displaced hurricane survivors would be offered long-term temporary employment with the US Office of Global Reconstruction and transported to Earthquake-crippled cities in The East where they would receive OJT in constructing earthquake-resistant dwellings–a trade they could use when they return to the US to address other low-cost/high occupancy housing needs…but this is becoming a hijack.

My point is, What W has spent on a foolish war could have been spent on the US Office of Global Reconstruction and earned him untold goodwill. But he’s got an evil heart and doesn’t think that way.

Actually I was thinking he might , in leu of flying to NO,make a special address (radio message) to the folks in the affected area. I wouldn’t want to seem so arrogant as to give the president advice but his personal message would carry more influence than his appearance.
Who "gets "to see him anyway?