My first (ever) purchase of Fine Art

Unless you count my desktop cast iron chicken.

From Madison’s Art Fair on the Square, it’s a wall hanging “fiber composition” by Smadar Livne. This is woven, not painted. Approx. 6’x4’. I’ll post another picture when I have it properly mounted.

I’m still in shock over what I paid for it. But I love it!

Good job! I bought a painting I saw in the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen in New Orleans by Steven Williams, whose web page is not working right now, because it was entitled “Luna ,” the name of my cat, and featured a cat silhouette. It’s mostly thick oils on canvas with some “objects” stuck on. I too was in shock that I actually paid that much for a painting, because I am a very economical (OK, cheap) person, but I don’t regret it.

P. S. It’s 3 1/2’ x 4’. And I must add that I would not have bought it except my husband insisted. And when I called the artist and told him my cat was named Luna, and I really wanted the painting but really couldn’t afford it, he came down on the price substantially.

AlaItalia ,
:smack: I didn’t think to look for a website for Livne til you mentioned it.

Here, from her site, is the design I got with, with colors very slightly different.

Also, woven isn’t the correct term, apparently. She takes other, very sheer, differently colored fabrics and “punches” them together, in a process described on this bio page. I’ve never heard of this process before. It looks and feels woven: there’s no sense at all of something quilt-like, or that the pieces are sewn onto a base layer or each other.

That Luna pic is GREAT! I’m jealous!

My friend Barry told me, “You are now a card-carrying member of the bourgoise(sp?).” I hope the card comes with a little Visa logo, mag strip, and healthy line of credit.