My first photoshop knockoff!

I probably saw this on and remembered it, but I made whatever this is this afternoon. The filesize is kind of big, so those on dial-up will probably have to sit tight. It took me about 20 minutes to find the right pictures online, and 45 minutes to put it together.

I know I did a sloppy job with the pavement, but I had a lot of fun making it. I’m pretty proud of myself.

See why I need employment, even for 4 to 6 weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, I saw that on FARK awhile ago. Great job!!
PS do you know anywhere that I can get a quick online tutorial on how to do snazzy stuff like that? That would take me all morning to do if I tried, basically doing it pixel by pixel. :frowning: I do not have enough time on my hands, I think… :slight_smile:

have you considered seeing a shrink?

It’s a RAWR-I-EAT-YOUR-PUDDIN!!! I [symbol]©[/symbol] those?

Um, what are they really called? Domo-Kun or something?

Drat! I thought I’d just seen the cliche kitty one from Something Awful, and decided Domo-kun would look really funny.

And Arwen, I think a lot of it comes from practice with Photoshop. A lot of the use of copy n’ paste, flatten layers, and of course the polygonal lasso tool. I’m not aware of any online tutorials though.

If you go to my homepage, on the splash page there’s a picture of me holding a wooden box. One of the stickers on the box says “Diversion.” If you click on that sticker it will take you to a special part of my site… there’s a page there about Bea Arthur where I photoshopped her face onto a bunch of softcore pornography. It’s called “The Secret Life of Bea Arthur.” It’s not suitable for work (some nudity) and I know the board has a three-click rule or something, so I’m just telling you how to get to it instead.

It’s not difficult to do, it just takes practise and patience.

If you like to play around with graphics, or want to learn, here is something you might like:

They post an image each week and you have about 5 days to “make something” out of it and post it back. Warning though, they expect you to completely FAWN over everything that everyone does, no matter how bad. Words like wonderful, fantastic, amazing, super are expected. Anything other than complete over the top adoration of everything everyone makes could get you banned. So if you are either the type to fawn or the type to stay totally silent, it’s great :slight_smile:

Wow, I just became a big fan of your ICQ Booty Call page. u r reely funy.

Heh…thanks. :wink:

[hijack] jinwicked, I visited your site too, and the art you don’t like section amused me greatly. Especially the comparison of Picasso’s supposedly-nekkid-chick-in-a-chair to Zorak…

Hey, I’m pretty new at Fark Photoshopping too. I think my best work so far was inserting Dick Clark with his arms spread out into the “Clerks” poster (he’s in a very similar pose to Dante).

I liked the Domo-kun on Tiananmen Square! I know some people think it’s lame but I like the cliche ones the best. My all-time favorite fark photoshop was the parody of the Sgt. Pepper cover that said “CLICHE” instead of “BEATLES” and the characters were all PS cliches.

racinchikki, I actually get a lot of nasty letters from people who don’t understand that page is a joke, or get to one of the artist pages through a search engine without looking at all of them (thus putting it in context).

Most of the letters involve Thomas Kinkade and Bob Ross. Those guys have rabid fans. :eek: