My First Pit- Magellian01.. you are a cancer upon the human condition


What a fine peice of work you are, obviously created in the stunted and deformed image or your god. Please note the lower case on “God”

Ineterested partioes see this thread…

You misbegotton chunk of future compost, you fossilized chunk of fecal matter, you section of tumour.

YOU are what’s wrong with America

You hide your hate in a sweet little “right to an opinion” as if what spews from your diseased mind as some how worthy of public consumption. Opinnions like yours belong in the back woods, where like minded bigots like yourself are trying to get the crosses alight (the trick is to bang the rocks together you stupid monkeys).

statemenst like this:
"Not wanting to move to San Francisco because of all the gays there: homophobic

Not wanting to extend equal rights to gays: bigoted

Not wanting to call a legal union that extends to gay couples all the rights of a married heterosexual couple “marriage”: sensible

Of course, this is a minority view here on these boards where many think that unless you adopt every position of homosexual activists you are a homophobe. Which just shows how willing the group is to degrade language."

or this: (regarding Gay marraige)

“Maybe it is too late. I don’t think so, though. But I will not help it. I will seek to hinder it. If I get to vote against gay “marriage” I will.”

You claim Not to be a homopphobe as Gays don’t scare you (I paraphrase your many semantic dicourses here)… I agree… you don’t fear gays… you hate them.

Yopur greatest contribution to this planet will be asw compost.

Please do not reproduce
please do not have your corpse embalmed

Christ, no offense but you ought to proof read your writing. There are hella mistakes.

I sadly learned a few years ago that there are some people who have minds that are just BROKEN.

What really sucks is that they have to spend the rest of their lives trapped in that tiny mind.

Argent… sorry about the typos… typed in passion and all that
Darth, I agree… Their stupid just over flows unto us, they have to live in the well from which it comes


Actually, I believe magellan is an atheist, or at least agnostic.

As for the rest of your OP, calm the fuck down. Admittedly, mags’ reasoning behind opposing gay marriage is ice-pick-in-the-brain stupid, but he also supports fully equal civil unions, and is opposed to any other sort of discrimination against gays. Yeah, his position is still mildly homophobic, but it’s markedly less homophobic than mainstream American opinion. Save the mouth-froth for the hateful fuckers who really deserve it. magellan isn’t one of them.


I saw it as full blown homophobia/gay hatred.

Basically, from my position, it don’t matter who you hate, its why you hate. and Maggelan01’s hatred is irrational, fear based psychofroth…

The ability of Magellan01 to hate so blindly and with out any reason is what I pitted.


Well, the OP sure demonstrated the falsehood of that, didn’t he? :rolleyes:

So, just to make sure we’re on the same page, here:

Being in favor of full marriage rights for homosexuals, and being opposed to discrimination in any form, with the sole exception of allowing them to use the word “marriage” when refering to their fully legally equal relationships, is frothing, blind hatred on par with a KKK cross burning? This is the position you’re taking in this thread?

No, he’s the world’s only Theocratic Deist or some damn thing.


I suggest you read the entire thread in question and base your qualifying questions from that. I am just pitting Magellian as an ignorant hate filled useless piece of human garbage, what you choose to read into my ranting is up to you. The thread already compared him/her a to a semiotically fixated derisionist and a racist . If you want to actually support magellian,. then I suggest you start a pit thread which some how actually defends the truth of the hate filled ignorance magellian spews.


That looks like upper case on my monitor.

Or, you know, he could talk about it here. As we’re already on the subject.

I think this thread is a good indication of what’s wrong with the gay rights movement. Now before you call me a hate-filled beer-guzzling swamp-yankee shit-for-brains week-willed frothing homophobe let me state at the outset that no one is more in favor of gay rights than I am. I’m a live and let live kinda guy and if you ain’t bothering me, I ain’t bothering you. But the problem seems to be that if every time any little criticism of the movement is taken as hate-filled homphobia (a term that has gotten more and more watered down as the years go by), it just makes the movement seem more threatening than it really is.

Threatening may be a bad word; it’s early. I haven’t had my coffee yet.

Suffice it to say, to my mind magellan wasn’t arguing against rights for gays, but about the definition of the word “marriage.” I saw no hate on hs part; much less “irrational, fear based psychofroth.”

I originally thought magellan was saying not using the word marriage was sensible because you couldn’t get elected otherwise, and was pretty damn confused by the first handful of responses to that statement. He eventually clarifies, and while I think it’s a stupid position to take it’s pretty tame compared to 99% of all bigotry you’ll ever come across.

I see him as having a “separate but equal” mindset. He clearly doesn’t want gay love to be treated with the same “reverence”, if you will, as het love. He is defining the word “marriage” much more narrowly than I do. The fact that man/woman love is the most common kind of relationship that the word describes doesn’t mean it’s the only kind of relationship the word describes. Hell, even objects can be described as “married.”

It may not be rabid or hate-filled, but it certainly doesn’t sound like “acceptance” to me. It marginalizes the gay community. I don’t see how his attitude can be viewed as anything but homophobic. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d put him at maybe a 4.

I do find it kind of douchey that merely calling it marriage is enough for him to vote against it. You’d think if he was willing to go far enough to allow that gays should have fully equal rights, he’d concede on the name despite not liking it. But I don’t think it’s homophobia informing his stance. It suffers from a more insidious and unforgivable evil.


Threads like these make me anxious for the coming days where anyone can post without having to pay for an account. The glory days of The Straight Dope where threads moved at a better clip and we had a more divergent set of viewpoints.

This thread (and the linked source) show to me how “preaching to the choir” the board is and how homogenized it seems to me. Magellan01’s position, while disagreeable, isn’t the SCOURGE OF THE UNIVERSE. It just moves a bit away from being lockstep with everyone else. The hyperbole is a bit embarrassing.

FWIW, I’m posting as a gay man who lives in a state that doesn’t recognize the relationship with my partner and his (our) kids.

If flavors can marry.
If scents can marry.
If concepts can marry.
If nations can marry.
If hetero folks can marry…

I don’t understand the problem in the use of the word for any 2 people who choose to use it to describe their committment.

I disagree with Magellian01 (is there another Magellian?), but pitting seems extreme.

jali singing: 'Kumbaya…"

You think it was pay-to-post? I would have said it was the election. Things got rather tense in 2004 too.

I take your point about threads moving. It does seem like we are bogging down. Most of the threads in GD are either “Obama (pbuh)!!!” or 'McCain!!!"


I’ve been following the thread in question, and while Magellan01’s position seems fairly absurd (“degrading the language”? Give me a break) I don’t think there’s anything particularly Pit-worthy in that alone.

What I do think might be worth mentioning, however, is the routinely hostile, obnoxious, and frankly nasty way the poster in question interacts with anyone who does anything other than agree with him. Apparently, he can never allow an argument stand or fall on its own merits; persons who disagree are idiots, have an agenda, practice ‘groupthink’, are unfairly protected by the Mods, and on and on…

IMO, he doesn’t have much real interest in debating anything, he just enjoys winding people up and coming up with creative ways to get around the ‘no insults’ rule in GD. I my view, he’s one of the worst thread-shitters on this board, and that seems well worth Pitting. Cancer on the human condition? A bit much. Cancer on this board? Absolutely.