My First Springsteen Show

So, I just got back from seeing my first ever Springsteen show in Dublin, and I just can’t say enough about the guy. He was awesome. At 62, he rocked the house, was such an unbelievable professional and left us not feeling like kooks that we had put him on our bucket list (check!).

He started pretty much right around 7:30 with an acoustic This Hard Land…he wandered out on the stage and just played. I think the thing I took away from the show was that he loves it. You are seeing an artist who truly loves what he does and gives the audience everything he can. The band took a break (he never did) and he played the piano (The Promise). Never stopped running around. His voice sounds awesome.

He is such a staple of my youth and it was a great experience to see him – honeslty, I was happy we were going but had no idea that he would be that fucking good. From the time he started playing, I didn’t want it to end. I highly recommend it, if you’re a fan. :slight_smile:

Bruuuuuuuuuuuce! Okay, got that out of the way.

I heard the Dublin show was excellent. I think you’re lucky–I hear the European shows are nice and long, classic Springsteen, at 3 hours plus.

How did you find the show without the presence of long-time E Streeters Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici? I will have a hard time seeing Bruce, if I’m lucky enough to once again, without the interaction with Clarence Clemons especially. I will miss that.

I love how he just plays the music–no dancers, elaborate stage sets, or lip syncing. It’s just the band, playing, doing what they love to do. And that love shows.

Staple of my youth, too. I had read about seeing him live for years before I finally got the chance to. Believe me, I had great expectations.

Those expectations were met 100% and more.

He made us laugh. He made us cry. He made me, a 19 year old student, dance in the aisle with a high school teacher I never met before that night. He rocked.

Now, I’ve only seen him live only 3 times total, but if he is anywhere near where I live, I will take time off work, bust open the savings account, and go. Only for him. They’re the only concerts I’ve ever been to where you feel like you’re in a venue with 10,000 of your best friends, all singing along!

I’m so glad your first show was as good as mine!

As an old fart, I must confess I like his earlier work, but he’s still awesome.

My wife and I met while camping out for Springsteen tickets back in 1984. I had already seen him 2-3 times before, but something came up and I missed that show.

Years later, she surprised me with front-row tickets and we finally got to see him together. She never would tell me what she spent on them, but I suspect a used car or so.

Totally worth it.

Lucky bastard.

I first saw Bruce when he was touring supporting Born In the USA. I caught both ends of the tour in LA, 3 shows at the beginning and 3 shows at the end. Without a doubt the #2-7 live shows I’ve ever seen.

My first (and unfortunately only) Springsteen show was also the Born In The USA one back in the '80’s. Giving birth was the most awesome thing that I ever experienced, but that concert was a VERY close second. I walked around in euphoria for two days after. Funny how he’s stayed right up there at the top level all these years, I don’t think he’s ever going to be playing the State Fair circuit. or the casino showrooms (like Barry Manilow).

He did a long version of My City of Ruins where he introduced the band and gave a very heartfelt, although subtle, tribute to CC. I think the show was about 3.5 hours. Just awesome. Jake Clemons had hurt his back sneezing or some such (eek and huh!) so he was wheeled on and off stage. Bruce was laughing about the circumstances but would go up and see “Jakey” periodically and sing next to him.

Yep. 100 percent yep. :slight_smile:

My first Springsteen show was in 1977.

I’ve probably been to close to 20 shows since.


There was actually a guy there who was on his 100th show (he had a sign). Bruce took the sign from him, propped it on-stage, and played “Jackson Cage” (which was the guy’s request on the sign). Very cool. :slight_smile:

I know of a few fans who have been to hundreds of his shows.

I think that much fun might kill me!

What was #1? Slayer?

Bite your tongue!

#1 was the ARMS Benefit back in 82. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ronnie Lane, Joe Cocker, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and others. At the end of the show, Page was doing a solo (sorta - he had a bass player) version of “Stairway.” As he started the rising triples towards the finale, he was joined by Clapton and Beck. When the song was done and everybody in the arena was screaming, Clapton took a step forward and all three Yardbird guitarists launched into an extended, absolutely blistering version of “Layla.”

That was my “Take me now, lord” moment. :smiley:

Unfortunately, I’ve never been. One of the things should have done long ago. He’s a great talent and a true professional.

You can still go! It’ll be worth it, I/we promise :slight_smile: make it happen.

Had a friend drag me halfway across Florida one night in the mid-70s, because I just had to see “this kid from Jersey”. Highest energy show I’ll ever see*. He spent a good chunk of the second half jumping up on top of the huge speakers and shouting down at us, with a shit-eatin’ grin on his face. He clearly loved it.

So glad to hear he still does.

*Close second: Squeeze. Saw them this summer. With the original duo of Difford and Tillbrook, who’ve got to be pushing 60. Went right from one high-energy power pop song to another, with Tilbrook shouting out “ThankYouVeryMuchThatWasTemptedNowHere’sHourglassTwoThreeFour!”

I’ve seen him once, in 2000, in Hartford CT. I was 20, and without getting too hyperbolic, it was life changing. One of the most amazing parts was during one song (sad to say I can’t remember which), all the lights in the stadium came on and there was this sea of people, standing and singing along.

The only time that I saw him was in November of 1978. Great show. I’ve seen people’s videos of recent shows, and it seems like a big sing-a-long. A song starts and everyone in the place starts singing. I have it on good authority, though, that the shows are still great.

I think that Springsteen shows are not so much people going to see an artist perform his music, but Springsteen inviting people to his personal party where everyone can have a blast.