My first trip to a strip club

Alright, here’s my experience… (altho I’ve never been to a club where actual lap dances were done…)

You watch a bunch of beautiful naked women… you get horny as hell… NOTHING happens… you go home frustrated… and you’re out 25-35 $1 bills. I’ll pass!

Ahem…am I the only woman in here?

Anyway, I went to strip clubs twice with a boyfriend. I ended up feeling really bad about myself (because I don’t look like the strippers) and for the women. I talked to one of them and found out she was trying to feed a two year old by dancing. I’m sure they usually make great money. But when my boyfriend went to the bathroom, I gave her one of the fives he left laying on the table.

She looked really nice. I just found it sort of sad. I guess because of what was already said about the women pretending they are interested in people just to get money. I felt like the men were stupid and the women were being used. Blech.


I dont remember my first trip to a strip club, I think I might have been around 19. I’m from Vegas and strip clubs are a dime a dozen around here. For me, scantily clad women dancing seemed normal when I was growing up. They advertised all the shows on the strip on regular TV. And dare I admit, I grew up wanting to wear a thong.

I know the whole “you’ve been there too long when…” stigma because it happened to me and I’m a girl. The last big night out of the summer ended at a strip club in Ft. Hood and I got my very own set of stripper heels. Granted I fell and broke my arm in them, but the stripper experiance had been taken to another level. Yeah, many girls have mad issues, but there are some that know why they are there and like to have fun.

I had a bud that was hooked on strip joints. He spent every waking hour, and nearly every dollar he had, in those places. Come to think of it, he smoked crack too.

We went to a few really, really good clubs in Florida. Then we went in one that was an attached garage to a house. It was pitch black in there, it took several minutes to get your bearings. There was no one there, no one, no audience, no strippers. So we sat at the alter waiting for some action. A few minutes later a 50ish, overweight, none too attractive, lady (?) came literally crawling from behind the stage. She looked like she just OD’d on something, eyes kind of going around in circles and she drooled when she talked. She crawled over to us and said, “So you going to give me a tip or what?”. We both gave her a dollar and left as quickly as we could.

There’s lots of strip joints here in Florida. I suppose I need to get out and check out the good ones. I’m not in a big hurry though.

My favorite strip club memory is from Boston. I was in this club where the music was cranked up to ear-bleeding volume. Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People came on, and this one very cute stripper did this undulating dance that had me hypnotized. My buddy was trying to have a conversation with me, but I was completely unaware of him or anything other than this stripper.

I swear I felt like I had died and gone to hell, only to find out it was a godless paradise. It was a truly remarkable experience, which I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.

As someone who has never gone, but is now considering it…a curiousity question - how much on average should one expect to have to spend at said types of establishments?

Waaaay back in '74, I went out with a guy who took me to a strip club. I didn’t know ahead of time that this was his plan - it was our first (and last) date. The club was in San Diego somewhere - I didn’t recognize the area as we drove there.

I have vague memories of a darkish room with high-back booths. The dancers’ sequences would go something like: Dance in scanty lingerie, blackout, dance in thong and pasties, blackout, dance nekkid, blackout, next girl in lingerie, etc. We were there for maybe two and a half cycles. I was extremely uncomfortable the entire time.

Post script - when he took me back to my barracks, he wanted me to masturbate him in the parking lot before I went back to my room. ick. I went back to my room and never saw him again. And I’ve never been to a strip club again. Nekkid women just don’t do anything for me. I don’t think I’d want to watch nekkid men dance around either…

I’m with SexyWriter and if6was9.

I feel bad for the girls and know in advance that nothing’s going to happen.

So what’s the point?

This, like everything else in this thread is purely based on regional and personal experience. If I’m going with a friend of mine:

$5 - Cover
$30 - Drinks
$50 - Two lap dances
$10 - Stage-side tipping
+/- $100

Hell yeah. The last time we went one of the dancers sitting at our table mentioned being freaked out by a guy in the club. I hadn’t noticed him but once I was aware of him I was kind of spooked too. He just kind of stared at her constantly, even while she was giving me a dance. He kept trying to wave at her and get her attention. :shudders:

This could be true at any bar. There are going to be people really down on their luck and people who are having a hard time. I’ve met dancers that were obviously “in a bad way”, not happy about being there and generally pathetic. There are pushy/manipulative girls who are relentless on the weak minded and can suck a wallet clean. There are also girls who, hold on, enjoy their work for the money and the attention. They make good money and have happy lives outside the club.

I’m constantly intriqued by the psychology of the place myself and looking at the “Whooooo!!!” guys and the “Hey Bayyyybeeeee!” guys and the stalker guys in the back corner. Fascinating.

On preview, that looks like a damn GD post :slight_smile:

I’ve been to quite a few and have never felt sorry for any of the dancers - they’re gainfully (very gainfully) employed and it isn’t as if they aren’t aware of the what they’re doing and why the customers are there.

I met one dancer on a train between Richmond and Washington who was on her way to Johns Hopkins - she was a student and danced to pay the bills. We had a conversation about her career and she said “I’m not after anyone’s pity - I’m after their money.” Seems like a pretty good business sense to me.

My nephew’s first experience at a strip club was priceless …actualy, make that pricey. He went in with about $200 and was tipping $5 and $10 a dance. Needless to say, the dancers were on him like white on rice and he was out his $200 in near record time. His dad (my brother) and I laughed at him and had the courtesy to buy him a round.

At the best strip club in Kalamazoo, MI:
$3.00 cover
$2.00 drink (I don’t drink so I get coke)
$1.00 tips for ladies doing short table dances (usually about 7 or 8 before I get bored and leave)

Total for the night: about $13.00.

Not too bad really for some eye candy.

At the best strip club in Kalamazoo, MI:
$3.00 cover
$2.00 drink (I don’t drink so I get coke)
$1.00 tips for ladies doing short table dances (usually about 7 or 8 before I get bored and leave)

Total for the night: about $13.00.

Not too bad really for some eye candy.

Sounds like $26 to me :smiley:

former dancer here.
I must dispute your claim.
My very first day of dancing (I was older than most of the women I was 32) I saw this gorgeous guy!
He bought drinks and we talked and i ended up having a breif affair with him(I was living with my bf at the timez).
Unfortunately, I chose my bf, which was thwe wrong choice.
But don’t think you can’t hook up there. its been known to happen.

I wonder what happened to him…

A friend of mine is a regular at one of the local strip clubs, as in he gets free VIP for him and as many friends as he likes. It was free, so I went with a few of the guys.

I couldn’t buy into the fantasy either. I wait tables, and it’s the same mentality. Guys who have money get more attention. I wasn’t impressed. I can get better looking girls (for the most part) on my own without having them work me for some cash :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose all in all I would have been better off just going out and finding a nice girl to pick up. It’s a lot hotter when I know the girl is genuinely hot for me and a big fat boost to my self esteem. In any case I havent got the mad money to be throwing around every night. I’ve also noticed that the better one’s real social life is the more you can enjoy a fantasy place like a strip club. (perhaps I should become a strip club sage) Also, I did find myself wondering if the girls were really enjoying themselves or just faking really well and hating it. (darn my concern for humanity for getting in the way of a nice time) Still, I would have felt like a tool had I went and bought a lap dance.

OK, dancers, friends of dancers, people in the business. I have a question - how much money can a dancer expect to make? Do they pay a percentage of their tips to the club? Or a fee for dancing there? Or do they get a wage on TOP of their tips?

Some quick math guesstimates - say, $20 a dance, plus tips averaging $5? Maybe 4 dances per hour, so $100 an hour, for 8 hours, is $800 a day, $1600 a weekend? I think some dancers only work weekends, or a few days a week, and I’m sure that the weekdays are a lot slower. But it seems like a lot of them must be making $2-3000 a week, or more, doesn’t it? Obviously there is a scale - the Vegas porn star dancer makes a lot more than the 39-year old in Great Falls, MT. Also, this doesn’t take into account tips from stage dancing, VIP room sessions, etc. Anybody confirm/deny? Are strippers making six figures a year?

Sorry for the hijack, but I’ve always wondered.

On topic: I’ve been to quite a few strip clubs. The bad ones are terrible, and the good ones are very very good. But the customer/dancer relationship is always very clear to me - I’m the mark, and the girls are the ones who are in charge. I must say, they are often very good actresses, too - I know I’ve paid for the false gratification they’re giving me, but it works, and I feel good after they’ve writhed all over me and pretended to enjoy it.

Long afar and go away, a buddy of mine confided to me that he had never been to a titty bar. This was shortly before his second wedding, this guy being in his mid 30’s. I made it my sole purpose in life to guide my pal to every strip joint in Lower Bucks/Northeast Philly on a one night excursion d’ perversion.

Totally slammed and $200 poorer, I poured him onto his back porch into the arms of his bride-to-be. He then announced, “I wanna brass pole inda bedroom!”

She has never let either one of us forget that night. :smiley:

HERE I am!!! A little less gorgeous but even nicer than you remember! Come on over!
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The only time I’ve ever been was on my bachelor party. Several of the girls there were 18-ish, which was also my baby sister’s age at the time. My friends bought me a number of lap dances, which I’ll admit I enjoyed, but it was creepy because while the girls were naked and rubbing their boobs in my face, they also kept saying typical teenager things like “Oh, you’re getting married! That’s so sweet! What’s the wedding going to be like? How did you guys meet?” No different than any of a million idle conversations I’d had, which, to the dancers, is all this was.

The other creepy thing is that the lap dance area was over on the side of the room. When one would finish, my natural inclination was to let the woman proceed me back to the main area, the same as I let women proceed me through doors and down hallways. But these girls, without being obvious about it, were very careful not to turn their back on me. Poor kids.