My first trip to a strip club

Well, I finally did it. I actually dragged myself out to a strip club as part of my attempt to recover my sanity and live a normal life. It had it’s ups and downs - the music was too loud but the girls were cute. But my head really wasn’t together enough to properly enjoy it. Perhaps I’m just not a strip club kinda guy.

I think alot of it depends on the strip clubs. Some are definately much better than others.

We have 3 around here. Only 1 of the 3 actually is any good. By good, I mean, reasonable cover charge, Lots of nice looking women, and no pressure for lap dances.

Did you go by yourself? There’s no shame in that but I find it to be boring.

The quality of clubs can vary wildly, as Dragwyr mentioned. There are probably 10 around here but I only consider going to 1 of them.

Actually I went there with two butch lezbians and one bisexual.

I’ll put myself firmly in the “not a strip club kinda guy” camp. I just don’t get it. I like a fine-looking woman as much as the next guy, but I want to at least have a chance of getting to know her.

You really don’t get it do ya? The whole point of a strip club is so you don’t have to get to know them. :smiley:

Oh, I get it just fine. I just don’t enjoy it. I’m too conscious of the economics of it; the dancers pretend they’re flirting (to a ridiculously unrealistic degree) with the customers, and the customers pay to keep up the fantasy. Basically, as a guy walking into a strip club, I know the dancers see me as a double-sawbuck-dispensing ATM, except instead of a PIN they have to do a five-minute lapdance, and beyond that they have absolutely no interest in me. I’ve only been into a strip club two or three times, the last time seven or eight years ago, and I found myself completely unable to buy into the fiction. If I were ever required to go back to one, I’d probably give the dancers twenties just to go away, or maybe just talk for a couple of minutes so the management doesn’t wonder why I’m being apparently ignored.

Well, I have a subscription to Playboy and I don’t figure I’ll ever know them, either. (I did go out with a stripper for a while, FWIW).

To put it in perspective…I’d sure rather watch naked girls dance and drop a few bucks than go to WrestleMania. YMMV

If a group or the right friends are going, I will go as well. The last few times I have gone it was for a bachelor party. I prefer just to have a beer, relax and watch. When a stripper came up to the table I could just deflect them to the groom to be. It’s been a few years since I have been to one so it’s no big deal to me, I can get by just fine without going to one.

Think about it, it’s the perfect guy set-up. The women are already naked when you meet them and the music’s too loud to have a conversation. This is probably what guy heaven is like! :smiley:

Is this in reference to yourself or to the woman giving the lap dance? :wink:

My dad took me to a strip club for my 21st birthday. Actually two. One was a skanky ho club and the other was a nicer establishment. I’ve been to a couple since then, but havent’ gone to one in well over a year. I like that in Oregon, you get full nudity(no pasties even) and full bar. When I went to Vegas, I remember wanting to go to a strip bar, but was disappointed when I heard the full nudity/no alcohol, topless/alcohol, and so I didn’t bother going to one.

I didn’t bother getting a lap dance. I would have been happy to talk to one of the strippers for a bit though so I suppose genuine one-on-one interaction is sexier or I’m just not a fantasy kinda guy…

You guys are gay.

Everyone loves strip clubs - they are pure rapture!

Maybe going with two butch lesbians scared away the strippers. Ditch the dykes and go with a buddy or even alone (they loooove it when a guy comes in alone - so much easier to flirt with him for dances).

I’ve been going to strip clubs for a while now and I love it. I always get lap dances and in Toronto it’s the full monty with as much alcohol as you can take. People would be stunned to know I go to strip clubs cause I appear to be such a clean cut handsome young man - doesn’t matter all kinds go there and love it. My ex’s have been just as pretty and sexy as those girls but there is something about them, they know how to move with complete confidence in their ability to make you want them.

ahhh… strip clubs … .ararhghghghaghghgrghrghrg

I beg your pardon?

What part of “no I don’t” is so difficult for you to grasp?

While a full bar can be a welcome addition to a strip club, the drinks are generally overpriced and watered down to the point of being worthless. Which seems odd to me, wouldn’t you want to get the guys slobbering drunk so they are more apt to spend their money on the dancers?

And what’s with juice bars that advertise a $7 cover but then require a 2-drink minimum, when the drinks are $8 apiece? Why not charge a $20 cover, have a soda machine in the corner, and get rid of the bartenders altogether?

Personally, though, I’ve had the best time at strip clubs in Des Moines, Iowa. $10 cover, no minimum drink bullsh-t. BYOB. That’s right, Bring Your Own Beer. Last time I was there, the guys at the table behind my group (bachelor party, IIRC) brought in their own KEG!!! A keg of BEER!!! Carried in to the strip club!!! How cool is that???

That said, I don’t really care for strip clubs personally. I’ll go with a group (the last 3 times I’ve gone have all been bachelor parties), but I’m not going to be the one to suggest it.

As an experienced people watcher, I’ll say you can see some really sick mo-fos in both strip clubs and casinos. Their illness is different, but both types are very sick, each in his own sweet way.

Next time you happen into either establishment look around. The poor jerks aren’t hard to spot.

My first trip to a strip club was as part of my brother’s bachelor party. It was this nice place in Windsor, Ontario. We got seats right up by the stage, and the whole group of us (me, my bro’, and three of his friends) were buying each other table dances and lap dances and such. It was fun, but overall I’m not really into the strip club scene. (Tho’ now that I’ve read this thread, I’m thinking about planning another trip :slight_smile: )

Best mates Bucks night turned into a week of hitting strip clubs. A sure sign that this was long enough was when the strippers started to recognise us from clubs we’d been to earlier in the week. By the end of the week it was kinda ho-hum, just another semi naked chick rubbing her breasts in my face for money, just don’t spill my drink alright. The poor buck even got striped naked and tied to a chair onstage for an hour in one of the joints, paid for by the father in law!!

Haven’t been for two years now, no need to.

I’ve been to two establishments with very different styles, each with their own charms.

The first was just a stage where the girls would come out and do their performance. No lapdances and no tipping, although the most of the dancers would pass around a polaroid and pose for pictures for a fee. The attraction is that most of the dancers were recent porn stars and had some measure of celebrity. The dancers were all extremely attractive and most put on a very impressive show. Been to that place twice.

The second place was a combination strip club/hostess bar, where one of the dancers would stay with you at your seat, making conversation, pouring drinks, getting friendly, etc., and then getting up every twenty minutes or so to do her stage dance. They’re very aggressive about pushing the private dances, but the dances there go far beyond what most American clubs would allow. All in all, I’d say my experiences there weren’t bad, but it’s way too expensive to make a regular habit. Been there three or four times with a doper who shall remain nameless.